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What you get with this Offer

Working procedure:
- I process your schematic and create library parts based on datasheets or documentation. You will Check and approve.
- I design PCB based on provided technical details (shape, dimension, allowed technology,...), You will Check and Approve.
- I create FAB data package (Gerber/ODB++/NCDrill/PDF Docu.) and data package for assembly house (BOM/Pick&Place/PDF Docu.).
I use Altium Designer (other EDA have to discussed).
I don't make RF/HiFreq designs.

Price is per hour.

What the Freelancer needs to start the work

I need for design PCB:
1. give me temporary livcence for EDA system.
2. Readable schematic - in various format (scan, PDF, handrawing,..) - I prefer PDF.
3. Unique manufacturer part number for each used component and datahsheet for it (can be url also). Will be perfect in excel sheet.
4. Additional important informations (as current flow for important connections, differntial pairs,..)
5. Define shape and dimensions of the final PCB plus coordinations or placement for critical components (buttons, displays, montage holes...). Also 3d model (STEP format) will be good.
6. PCB restrictions - isolation barriers, technology restrictions (minimal track width,...), thickness of final PCB, silkscreen texts,...
You can specifi planned manufacturer also.

Missing informations I will communicating during design.