Cut out objects from difficult backgrounds professionally

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What you get with this Offer

If you have pictures that you love but you they might look better in a different context ... than the solution is very simple. Just ask me to do that for you.

I will remove the object you want isolated from ANY KIND OF BACKGROUND, either one color, simple background or complex, busy, many colors background!

I will use advanced Photoshop techniques, different from one situation to another based on the characteristics and particularities of each image and I will see that the targeted object gets clean and neat edges after cut-out. I will do object masking by using paths, channels, refine edge/ mask, pixel by pixel correction and even reconstruction if the object limits are unclear, blurry or not visible at all.
I will make sharp masks for difficult objects and contours such as trees, fur, hair or landscapes.
I will make sure to remove and heal fringes and color contamination from around all kind of contours.
I will remove unwanted parts/ objects from the targeted object/ part of the image.
I will resize and crop photos upon your need.
I will apply a basic image correction and I will apply, in a different way from one image to another, editing techniques such as: sharpening, color correction and/ or grading, light effects, shadow correction and more.
I will deliver high resolution file (300 dpi if for print, 100 dpi if for web) in the format you need.
I will make revisions until full satisfaction is reached.

- The final quality of the cut-out will depend on the source image quality, yet I will improve those aspects too where this will be possible.
- There might be cases where the image is really difficult and/ or low quality, also cases where the image is simply much to complex to qualify to this special offer. If the case, we will do it as part of a separate, personalized offer that we will discuss and agree following PPH channels.

PLEASE TAKE IN ACCOUNT THAT THIS IS A SPECIAL OFFER, AVAILABLE FOR A LIMITED PERIOD OF TIME. I will deliver 3 busy background images in 48 hours, including the retouching actions that I already stated.

PLEASE CONTACT me prior order placement and let me check your source images and see if they qualify for this special offer. It might be advisable in some cases to use another service in order to achieve the best possible result.

What the Freelancer needs to start the work

To get started the only thing I need is the source files of the images in discussion, prior the order placement, in order to asses them from the following perspective:
1. If the source is too simple (easy one color background) you can have a better offer, i.e. more photos less money.
2. If the source file resolution and image quality are too low and do not qualify for this offer you can have a different offer to improve resolution and quality first.
Each source image will be assessed and the findings will be communicated to you immediately, in order to make your decision and start the work as fast as possible.