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What you get with this Hourlie

Although it may sound a buzzword at first, nevertheless it’s essential to comprehend what a business model is, and how it is extremely useful for your business.

Here's a short case-study on Apple-the most inspiring of all business models.

"In 2003, Apple introduced the iPod with the iTunes store, revolutionising portable entertainment, creating a new market, and transforming the company. In just three years, the iPod/iTunes combination became a nearly $10 billion product, accounting for almost 50% of Apple’s revenue. Apple’s market capitalisation catapulted from around $1 billion in early 2003 to over $150 billion by late 2007.
This success story is well known; what’s less well known is that Apple was not the first to bring digital music players to market. A company called Diamond Multimedia introduced the Rio in 1998. Another firm, Best Data, introduced the Cabo 64 in 2000. Both products worked well and were portable and stylish. So why did the iPod, rather than the Rio or Cabo, succeed?

Apple did something far smarter than take a good technology and wrap it in a snazzy design. It took a good technology and wrapped it in a great business model. Apple’s true innovation was to make downloading digital music easy and convenient. To do that, the company built a groundbreaking business model that combined hardware, software, and service. This approach worked like Gillette’s famous blades-and-razor model in reverse: Apple essentially gave away the “blades” (low-margin iTunes music) to lock in purchase of the “razor” (the high-margin iPod). That model defined value in a new way and provided game-changing convenience to the consumer." (HBR, 2008).

I'll develop a comprehensive, illustrative business model that creates the foundation of your business. It will guide you through how to deliver value to our customers along with ensuring your business sustainability (business still exists in next 5+ years).
As Steve Blanks says: "business models are hypotheses about how your organisation might be able to create value for customers."
Most importantly, it would be fun to work with.

The business model will give an insight into following:

Key partners
Key activities
Value proposition
Customer relationships
Customer segments
Key resources
Cost structure
Revenue streams

What the Seller needs to start the work

I would set up a Skype meeting to collect all relevant data.
If needed, I'll be happy to sign an NDA.
Please be advised that it may take longer than 5 days to deliver this Hourlie.

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