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What you get with this Offer

BEFORE YOU ORDER THIS GIG PLEASE CONTACT ME FIRST re your website, it's design and keywords.
Exclusive Apps (“EA”) is a fast loading mobile app version of your website which works better and swifter than a traditional mobile app, or, even the website itself.
Exclusive Apps are favoured by Google, Microsoft & Apple in their recent updates:
* Turn Your Website Visitors Into App Users With up to 90% Open rates;
* Broadcast Push notification messages to 100s of 1000s Of Visitors In 1 Click (Optional);
* Increase business revenue and growth up to 3x ;
* Works better than traditional mobile apps, or, websites;
* Your Own Futuristic Exclusive App ready in weeks;
* Create Apps that load lightning fast - better than a typical website and Traditional mobile apps;
* Companies like Uber, AliExpress, Trivago, Pinterest, Instagram are benefitiing from using it;
* It’s like retargeting but free ;
* No App Store Approval Required;
* Fully GDPR Compliant.
iOS and Android Apps can send Push Notifications inside any Smartphone without App Store Approvals + works with limited internet coverage.
EAs are Great for SEO.
They are secure and GDPR Complaint.
EA's connect via HTTPs so there won’t be any security or data privacy concerns and as far as your site is GDPR ready your PWA will be too. No need to worry about security or any extra step
Push Notification (Optional)
You will be able to send notification to all of your customers and engage more closely than emails or ads. This gives you the chance to:
• Stand Out From the 99.9% Competition
• Improve Customer Engagement
• Gain More Visibility
• Create a Direct Marketing Channel
• Build Brand Recognition
Bring Visitors Back
Easy to find
Offline Business
Perfect for Routine Events. Simply create a website for your event, convert it into a exclusive web app and off you go.
* Turn Your Website Visitors Into App Users.
* Optional ability to broadcast push notification messages to millions in click.
* Get Over 90% open rate.
* Increase Profits and growth up to 3 Times.
* Works better and loads faster than traditional mobile apps or even website.
* Companies like Uber, AliExpress, Trivago, Pinterest, Instagram are benefiting from this.
* It’s like Retargeting but free.
* No App Store Approval Required.
* Fully GDPR Compliant.
* Works for Shopify Stores.
Thank you for visiting and reading this far!
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What the Freelancer needs to start the work

The URL,Niche,Keywords and access to the website builder-main administrator access part of the website.