Create a game similar to candy crush for mobile and tablets !

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What you get with this Offer

We all love Candy Crush game on facebook, android and iOS, its just so addictive and fun to play, here's the chance to get your own game with full right to use commercially that can even promote your business (by changing candies with your products for example)
Each level :
- Can be based on times or moves
You can set how many candies types can be, minimum of 3 and maximum is 6 (I suggest you start with 3 then when in maybe level 80 you make it 6)
- You can set the goal of each level : Reach specific score, destroy blocks, collect (example : 10 red and 4 blue) ingredients (drop a special item down, such as a flower, ball, etc..)

Features :
• 20 free levels (you can order more with addons bellow, the first up to 100 levels have special price)
• Free map that hold the levels , each field of the map contain 20 levels (mean if you have 40 levels you will have 2 fields etc..)
• 5 hearts/lives that decrease -1 each time you loose, players can refill it using gems or watch an ads and get free lives (video ads is an option, please see the addons)
• Set after how much levels you show admob ads (optional please see the addons)
• 8 Boosts/power ups to make the game even more fun !
• Gems can be used to refill lives or buy more power-ups

If you have any questions or want to add special features, please feel free to contact me :)
Please note this is for Android only, for iOS please contact me first.

Examples :

Get more with Offer Add-ons

  • I can add 20 more levels

    Additional 3 working days

  • I can add 60 more levels

    Additional 5 working days

  • I can add ads to your game (both charboosts and admob)

    Additional 2 working days

  • I can add video ads (when player watch it they get free lives/hearts)

    Additional 2 working days

  • I can add in app purchase and allow players to buy gems using real money

    Additional 3 working days

  • I can design custom GUI (including custom candies and power ups)

    Additional 5 working days

  • I can design custom fields on the map

    Additional 5 working days

  • I can add daily reward for users to get free coins each day or each x mins

    Additional 3 working days

  • I can add wheel of fortune that allow players to spend coins and earn rewards

    Additional 3 working days

  • I can deliver all work in 5 working days

What the Freelancer needs to start the work

Before i start we will sit together and discuss how you want the game to be, like how hard you want it to start, make some strategies together.
In case you ordered the GUI and/or the design add on, you tell me how you want it to be, what theme etc.

Notes :
- Please note that the GUI and the free map are a common graphics that all buyers can have, if you want a custom one and end up with unique game please order it from the addons above .
- The final files that you will get are .apk file ready to test and upload to google play and some screenshots from the game.
- You will be able to test the game before paying the invoice.