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Nowadays many people want to invest in tech, especially mobile apps, when someone got a good app idea and wants to implement it, they have no experience in the mobile app development industry and this makes the process for them a bit hard, because they only got the app main idea and they don’t know how to get this app to the real world with the best quality and user experience, at this point comes our role and the first stage in the mobile app development process that we follow which is the brainstorming, we discuss all the details with the client to get the app main lines, and depends on our experience we give the client all the needed consultancies to avoid any down-sides in the idea or any technical issues that the client didn’t aware of.
After discussing and brainstorming the idea, we transform this info to a real app wireframes (Blueprint) that client can preview and see what the app will look like before the real app development begins, client give us his feedback on the wireframes and we work on all his notes, until we reach a final app wireframes that describe all the app pages, functions, and structure, and by ending this stage the app wireframes (app core) is ready for the next stages that depend on it.

The app development process that we follow includes 6 stages and we can provide all of them.

1) Brainstorming stage - discussing the mobile app idea and imagining all its functions, structure and improves it.

2) Wireframes and flowchart stage - transfer this discussion and details to fully detailed flowchart (wireframes), including admin cPanel wireframes if the app idea needs a cPanel.

3) Design Professional UI Mockups stage - creating the final UI design based on the final wireframes and client's style and color recommendations.

4) Back-end structuring stage - make the back-end structure and development including database structure, defining the needed API, and full documentation for all these parts.

5) Coding stage - start coding based on the final wireframes, back-end structure, and documentation.

6) Test and release stage - full test for the final app version to ensure that it working as expected without any bugs or bad performance before releasing to the store.

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