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What you get with this Hourlie

Before placing the order please thoroughly go through the description, this will save both of our time and zero in any upcoming issues.

1. You will receive 300+ visitors on a daily basis for a period of six months.
2. It will help in boosting search engine and alexa rankings.
3. The traffic is adsense and panda-penguin-hummingbird safe.
4. This traffic can help in increasing your website traffic and sales.
5. A tracking link will be provided, showing real people visiting your website.
6. The traffic is not generated by BOTS, Spam or Proxies.
7. The traffic comes from our partner websites which are huge in number and they get millions of website visitors per month.
8. Once the traffic starts, there will be no refund.

Q: Can I use this traffic for keywords in languages that are not English?
A: Yes, you can. However, it's recommended to send keywords that are in the websites language.

Q: My Google Analytics or other tracking service is showing different results than the tracking link you sent me? Why it is so?
A: It's normal, because analytics and certain third party counters usually show an inaccurate number of visitors than your website actually receives, which can have different reasons. For example, some people are using browser privacy addons which block the Analytics code or have javascript disabled. Another issue might be a long loading time of your website. In these cases the visitor won't show up in your statistics.
To manage this issue we are providing our tracking link. At this point of time I don't guarantee for any numbers of third party counters except for our tracking link, as they all count differently.

If you have any questions then please feel free to contact.

Although I am offering quality traffic but I don't guarantee any sales, subs or how long a visitor stays on your website. I am selling a website traffic package, to boost your rankings, but because visitors are real, the above may likely happen but not guaranteed.

Websites containing illegal content, exit popups, framebreakers, social media pages and sites that redirect to any of these are not allowed. No URL shorteners or redirects of any kind, it must be actual site. This will be verified before sending the traffic.

What the Seller needs to start the work

After placing the order please provide the following:
1. Website URL
2. Name of Country from where you wish to receive traffic.
3. Language (English or non-English)