Why should you hire a freelancer?


Perhaps you’re wondering how you can afford to get help, but the real question is:
how can you afford not to?

You may have been thinking about taking on a freelancer for a while, or you might have a sudden emergency on your hands that needs dealing with right now.

Either way, if this is the first time you’ve considered getting some freelance help, you’ll find it’s the ideal solution if you’re:

Struggling to keep staffing costs down.
When taking on another permanent employee would eat into your profits too much, a freelancer is the most economical solution.

Frustrated by hiring and firing regulations. Once a freelancer has finished the job and you don’t need them any more, they’re gone…

Bamboozled by a boost in your business. When you need more hands on deck but don’t want to take on someone permanent until things settle down, a freelancer is an ideal alternative.

Stumped by staff losses. When one of your staff leaves and you need someone to take over their role in a hurry, a freelancer fills that gap.

Shocked by surprise extra costs. When you set the budget for a job, the freelancer sticks to it.

Lamenting a lack of expertise. When nobody in the office can do the task that needs to be done, it’s easy to find a freelancer with the skills you require.

Weighed down by your workload. When you’ve got far too much on your plate already, a freelancer can help bring your workload down to a more realistic level.

Stymied by seasonal staffing issues. When you need coverage for employees’ summer or winter holidays, who better to call on than a freelancer.

No matter what your reason for using a freelancer is, the best benefit is that you’ll always have peace of mind knowing that whatever problem comes up in your business, there’s someone out there who can solve it for you.

Thanks to Uber, the taxi sector is thriving. But the fancy startup isn’t the only player in the market. A UK-based online ground transport price comparison website Taxicode are carving out a nice little niche for themselves.With no investment money to burn, the startup is pushed to be uber creative about how they spend the money and get the bang for their buck to grow the business. So… guess how they’re nailing it?

“We use freelancers all the time,” says Jonathan Kettle, Director of Taxicode. “We need help with small jobs to medium­-sized jobs that we don’t need a full­-time employee for. Sometimes we need graphics and content creation, and other times we might need some legal assistance with our T&Cs. The great thing about PeoplePerHour is that, because it’s a marketplace similar to our system, the price point is generally very good. This is because the platform encourages people to offer a good service at a good price.”

“A lot of the graphics on our website have come from freelancers, and we’ve done a lot of PR through the site. We also owe some of the rankings to SEO advice we’ve had from the platform. They have helped us save a lot of money. We’ve been able to access very talented individuals who work for big companies and just want to earn some extra money in their spare time. We get access to people that would normally be well outside our price range if we approached them via a design agency or solicitors for example,” he explained.

Vinesh C.
Jonathan Kettle
Director of Taxicode

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