I need someone to look for handyman/general builders for me

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Fixed Price $26

Spell check website

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Fixed Price $13

I need to translate my amaon listings from English to Spanish

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Fixed Price $$


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Per Hour $$
Fixed Price $$$

Administrative Assistant

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Per Hour $25/hr

CV Re-Formatting NDA

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Fixed Price $19

I need a survey completed by a U.K. audience

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Fixed Price $

I am looking for someone in the Stoke on Trent area to do some book keeping

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Fixed Price $$

Website testing

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Fixed Price $13

I want to retire a domant account

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Fixed Price $$

Superstar Admin - Long Term

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Fixed Price $

Reformat CV and highlight transferable skills

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Fixed Price $$

Contact database

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Per Hour $

Operations Manual - 3 new built houses

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Fixed Price $$

I need to contact potential sales leads in Germany

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Fixed Price $100

Multi-Skilled Virtual Assistant

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Per Hour $10/hr

A number of things

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Fixed Price $$