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Asianusenet is a newsgroup indexing site for Asian entertainment and it allows users to register and look at what has been posted on usenet. Asianusenet provides additional information about content that is available on asianusenet such as subtitles, video formats and so forth. Please note that the site is aimed at English users and users will rely on information added by the submitter of the NZB to find out whether it is interests them. For example, what audio language is available, any subtitles. To find out more the coder can obtain full access to for references and to find out how asianusenet works. is currently using vbulletin as a front-end and uses Mysql database. I would like to get rid of vbulletin and use re-developed code to achieve what vbulletin does for AsianUsenet. Asianusenet will have to be completely coded from scratch and re-developed using the same functions vbulletin is providing and a few extra%u2019s which wil be specified in this document.

The layout of the new site should be closely modelled on and use their methods of publishing NZB%u2019s to users. This includes the layout but also detailed information about the submissions. The more detail we can provide to the users the better.

Asianusenet focuses mostly on Asian entertainment and will require custom categories such as Anime, Movies, Manga and so forth. Since the site will be expanding and new categories will be added, the coder must make sure that the site is flexible enough to allow new categories to be added by the administrator with re-coding or adding new code.

Currently Asianusenet uses functions supplied by vbulletin and this includes adding attachments. However what Asianusenet is lacking is being more specific in its managing of NZB%u2019s.The new site should allow users to add .nzb files directly to their submission. The site should extract information from the NZB such as date, poster name, filenames, newsgroup and so forth. The date is particulary important as it will be requierd to calculate the age of the content on newsgroups. Instead of users adding information such as date,newsgroup, filenames,poster name, it will be extracted from the nzb file and inputted automatically. List of the filenames must also be available for viewing when a user views a submission in detail. Some nzb%u2019s will have over 100 file names so its important to truncate the list and allow expanding should a user require it.

When a user downloads an nzb file from a submission, using the filename list, the user should be allowed to check which files will be included in the nzb. Its important you know a little bit about nzb%u2019s and study them to undersand the method. A user can of course simply select all with one click of a button instead of choosing specific files. Such option can be seen on and perform a search which will give you moer udnerstanding should you require so.

The date extracted from the NZB should be used to display the age of the post and not the date of the submission of the post, however, all subsmissions should be grouped by the submission date but display the age of the post in a format such as : 10 days old depending on the current date. So if NZB date extracted is 20th of June and todays date is 21st of June, the NZB date should be displayed as : 1 days old. This date should be of course updated as the days go on. The submission date will be a simply reference when the nzb was submitted to the site.

Adding NZB%u2019s should be a requirement and without attaching one, the submission can not be submitted.

Of course the user will have to specify more detail about the submission. However the input for this extra detail will be dependent on the category chosen by the user. Such extra details would be which country the submission belongs to, Japanese, Korean, etc, etc. What audio language, video format and so forth. These inputs should be all specified by the administrator and not hard coded. It must be flexible and allow an admin to add new inputs ranging from check boxes, drop down boxes and plain text input boxes. It will be required to specify whether the input is mandatory or optional and multi selectables allowed for checkboxes,etc. Very common inputs for example will be, video/audio source, audio language,any subtitles in checkbox format with multiple selection, genre, submitter comments and so forth. Certain inputs such as audio language and video format will be in drop down boxes and choices specified by the admin so that we have a standard of options when it comes to searching. For example: Audio languages: a user can make choice of Japanese, South-Korean, Mandarin,Cantonese and so forth. All should be specified by the administrator. This is how its currently done on

The user will also have an option to add a poster/cover for the submission for visual reference to other viewers. When users view a submission in detail all of this will be viewable just like has. Other users must be allowed to leave comments for submissions.

Please note that an nzb will have a section for newsgroup where it has been posted in. This newsgroup will be used to group other submissions made in the same newsgroup so that a user when he goes on the site, clicks on view by newsgroups, enters alt.binaries.asianusent should see all submissions made and posted in this newsgroup name. Filters should also be available so users can see only specific categories such as movies in a particular newsgroup.

Other attachments will include NFO files.

One other category that will be of much importance is the Subtitle category which will be unique of all. This category will require the uploading of SRT and sub/idx files which are common subtitle files used with videos.

All of this has be tracked and a history put in place. Any submissions made by users will have to be recorded under their account for future reference. It will also allow them to find their submissions and make any changes should they want to. Other users when access someones profile should be able to see other submissions by this user.

The site should track how many submissions have been made in each category and viewable not only by the user him/herself from their user control panel but also by other members, should they been given access to do so.

Asianusenet currently is very flexble thanks to vbulletin. It has a lot of ways for admins to track users and submissions and prune old submissions depending on the date. It allows creating different usergroups with different permissions for different actions and features. This all should be taken in account. The new site must be as flexible as vbulletin and still allow all this. Any features or access should be regulated by permissions. Permissions should be set through usergroups. Administrators must be allowed to disable access to any particular feature or even complete access to the site or such items as detailed listing of a submission.

For example we currently can set how many attachments a user can download for a specific time frame. This is all done through usergroup permissions. We can specify how many attachments can downloaded each day, week,etc. This all should still be available and set per usergroup

A new point system will have to be put in place which currently isn%u2019t very good at asianusenet. Since everything will be tracked and counted, a user should earn points. If a user makes a submission in the anime category, he should be given x amount of points. X should be specified by the administrator and each category should be customizible if a user wishes to download an NZB from someone elses submission, points will be taken off. The amounts of points taken off should once again be specified by the administrator per category basis. If the user does not have enough points, NZB downloading will be disallowed and an option shown for a user to purchase premium points or indicate that he/she can earn points by contributing and posting submissions..

Please note that it should be possible to do this two ways.

1) Premium points can be purchased. More on this further down in this document

2) Global Points will be earned by posting submissions. As mentioned above a user can earn x amount and spend them by downloading.

If a user has global points and premium points, when downloading an nzb they should be asked where to take the points from, premium or global.. Also show how many points are taken off as set by the administrator. As meniotned above, an administrator must be able to set points given per category and points taken per category and they must be separate for global and premium points.

However it is important to understand that it should be possible to completely disallow certain usergroups to download NZB%u2019s or have a limit a user can download. If a user has absolutely no points at all, freebie points can used in a form of %u201Camount of NZB%u2019s you can download for free per certain set time frame%u201C. This should only work when an administrator enables it for a specific usergroup. The user should not be allowed to choose to use their free download and the system should only allow them use it if its enabled for their usetgroup and they haven%u2019t got any points to download the NZB. If a user has no points it and it has freebie points, it should indicate that he/she has x amount of freebie points for today/week or whatever was set by the admin and confirm the user wishes download and use its points. NOTE: Subtitle section is a free for all. No points taken or given for this category.

Users will be able to purchase points and a payment system must be in place. The two options I wish to see are paypal and worldpay. Those two must be usuable and configurable by the administrator. It must be integrated in the purchasing of points and the administrator must be able to specify how much x amount of points cost. Multiple selections should be visible. For example : 10 points = $1 | 20 points = $1,50 etc. Any purchases of premium points should be attached to the user so an admin can see it, not other users. A page for admins to see all payment history should be viewable, searchable and marked with correct dates with information such as purchased points and how much paid.

It would be also necessary for the coder to create a way of comparing and viewing who the most contributing users are on the site. A page dedicated to statistics on users activiry and submissions must be integrated. Users must be able to see how they are doing and keep is competative by viewing their peers stats. It should be modelled on

Search functions and filtering will be a very important part of the site, provides a great way of filtering through the different types of submissions. This must be available to users. They must be able to granule their search and be as picky as they want. Any categories and submissions%u2019 details such as audio language, subtitles, filenames must be searchable. It is up to the coder to provide a good search function that a user can use. Suggest to make it based on When creating new input details they should be automatically available in the filtering options just like has.

Users when registering for the site should input a few parts of their details. Details such as nickname, password and valid e-mail address. When registering captcha should be made available to prevent robots registering and also a e-mail confirmation should be send. Registration should be allowed or disallowed by the administrator. Users IP address should be logged and an admin should be able to ban users by IP address, range or e-mail address or even e-mail domain.

A user should have their own user control panel where they can purchase points, view their submissions, see their submission bookmarks and set options such as password, email and retention of days (see end of the document for explenation).

Submissions and users should be searchable in the admin area. When an admin wishes to search for a user it must either specify IP address last used by the user, nickname or e-mail address. When a user is found more details should be viewable such as points, premium point history payment, submission history and any options set in user control panel. All editable by the admin except the history parts. An administrator should also be able to create new users and delete them,. Submissions should also be searchable by name and capable of filtering any specific inputs made by the user.

We must have a good system to keep the site clean by deleting old submissions. A cron job should be made available so that an admin can specify how often old submissions should be pruned and what their maximum age should be. So for example if we have submissions that are 90 days old (please note this is using the date extracted from the .nzb file and not the date of the submission on the site) an admin should be able to specify to automatically allow the system to check and delete all submissions older than 90 days.

We currently have a retention marker. This marker must be a little bit more developed. The way it works is it will allow users to specify a number of days their usenet provider allows to download files. Anything above those days located on usenet will not be available. So it is important to allow users to specify this date so that submissions will be flagged up for them that they are older than what their retention is. Please note that this should be done using the extracted date from the NZB and not the date of the submission as they most likely will be different. Submissions that are flagged up should be indicated in a colour or some other way but still downloadable should the user wish to.

Retention plays a big part in usenet. I wish to allow administrator to set a special permission per usergroup which will tell the system what the maximum age a submission is visible to a user. For example. Usergroup1 can be set to only view submissions that are not older than 90 days but usergroup2 can be set to view anything not older than 200 days. NOTE: this also is using the date extracted from the nzb and not the date from the submission on the site.

Anything else should be proposed by the coder. Please remember it must be as flexible as vbulletin provides at the moment concerning with usergroups, permissions, submissions such as input boxes, usergroup nickname markups, enable and disabling options for usergroups and so forth. I am open to suggestions by the coder. The key references would be the current site and uses a great layout and setup which is attractive to use for our new site. All images should be done by the coder.

Should you require access to asianusenet%u2019s administrator page so get an idea of how its operating currently, we can do this and set up an account.

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