Seperate DROP-SHIPMENT products from local stock products in Virtuemart.

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I have a job in mind which I would like to use for our coming drop-shipment solution - a solution within virtuemart that able it to tell products apart. A wide range of products will be available through drop-shipment service, but we will still have our own stock of products which the customer may not add to the basket if they started adding products from the category with the drop-shipment products or other way around. Optionally and to be preferred, they may add products from both categories, but then it must calculate two shipping fees - one fee for the drop-shipment items, which is a fixed fee and one from the local stock items which varies depending on weight. Postförskott/Cash on Delivery payment, which currently is available with Posten Shipping method only (as it should be), should not be available when both shipping methods would have to be used.

I have not launched the drop-shipment solution yet, but I have begun adding the products. I've set-up a new shipping solution with Bring. All the new items weight in gram, I have put in kg, so a product of 250 gram is calculated as 250kg. This was just my very simple workaround to get all products from the drop-shipment solution to instantly fall into the Bring shipping method with the fixed fee. To make sure all drop-shipmet items fall into the Bring shipment method I put the min weight to 50,00 kg and the max to 29900.000 kg, the kg actually representing gram, so the max shipping weight with Bring is 29,90 kg. No items in the drop-shipment weigh less than 50 kg (50 gram) so if the customer choose any of these they will go into the Bring shipment option, which is good. The problem I foresee is if the customer then goes and start adding products from the local stock, which have the real product weight in gram. Then all those products will fall within the Bring shipment, something which won't be practical to solve.

So I guess that what I want you to custom make for me is some solution to use two shipping solutions or to force the customer to only choose product from one of the two categories: On stock items or drop-shipment items. On top of all this, it would be good if you could add a function, preferably visualized with a cart animation, that tell the customer how much more they are able to put into the cart before it's full. The customer should not be able to put more then 29,9 kg worth of items into the cart. Would be nice to have a cart with a coffee bag with percentage indicator on it. The more you add to the cart, the more the percentage increase, when at 100 you receive a message that your cart is full and you are unable to add more.

Our understanding about the Drop-Shipment and Bring Shipping:

There will be 2 sorts of Item in the cart one will be shiped by "Drop-shipment" solution and one will be normal one for local stock.

There will be two sort of items in the vendor. The main idea is to make sure that the customer is aware that they can not mix products from local stock with drop-shipment products without having to separate their order and thus get charged for two separate shipping fees.

I don’t want the customer to place an order that is sent from both our local stock and from the drop-shipper. But if they insist, the option shall be there and the site shall be very clear on the fact that they will be charged for two separate shipping rates.

If they do add items from both local stock and drop-shipment then they shall receive a pop-up message informing them of that and hence forward they will either have to choose one provider or continue to purchase from both and have two shipping methods to pay for - One fixed fee for the drop-shipment and one various rate for the local stock items.

When it comes to all the pop-up informations, I like you to add a $langvars = array ( *.php file so I can edit it easily just as virtuemart is built in general for easy setup with language handling. Important that Swedish chars will show properly like Ã¥,ä,ö,Ã…,Ä,Ö.

So the shipment cost for "Drop-shipment" will be fixed And the total weight must be above 50kg to avail Drop-Shipment.

This is correct. I have setup the minimum weight for drop-shipment to 50kg, note that 50kg is actually 50g in real life. But this was my solution to keep Bring out of the picture as shipping method when buying from our local stock. If you find this to be a primitive solution, and you have better ideas to solve it, please let me know.

For those items not coming under "drop-shipment", means Local Stock, for them the shipping cost will varry as per the weight(weight should be below 50kg).

This is correct. However the max weight for local stock items is 20,00 kg

1. We have to implement such a solution, that will allow users to choose first the Local Stock, so that the shipping cost will be different as per the Weight.

I want it to work like the normal checkout process in virtuemart, only you have to go through the shipment step twice. First you choose your shipment for local-stock items (if you have any in cart) and then you choose shipment for the drop-shipment items in stock (if you have any in cart). There will be two shipping methods for drop-shipment - Bring without and Bring with insurance. They’ll have same weight limit, only price difference and I like to add custom info to the Bring with insurance shipping method.

Note that if the customer checkout with items from both local stock and drop-shipper and they select “Posten” as shipper for the local stock items and “Bring” for the drop-shipper items. Then I do not want them to be able to select the “Postförskott/Cash on Delivery” payment option as this will complicate it even more for you guys. If the customer is able to select “Postförksott/Cash on Delivery”, then you are forced to divide the payment selection process in two parts as well - One for the local stock items and one for the drop-shipper items and I believe that this would be disturbingly complicated and I don’t want to risk your changes having a negative impact on the Payson and PayPal payment methods.

In short All orders that include drop-shipper items must be payed in advance, thus the “Postförskott/Cash on Delivery” can not be an option.


2. User will be allowed to Add product in cart to get the Drop Shipment Facility .

There will be a Weight calculator to inform the user that he has exceeded his limit(50kg) of local stock and now he will be charged as Drop-Shipment rate.

This is not entirerly how I meant. It is correct that I want you to create a % indicator that visualize for the customer how much more they will be able to add to the cart. If you start to add products from the drop-shipment category, the % indicator increase the more you add to the cart, till you reach maximum drop-shipment shipping weight and it says 100%. Then a pop-up message should inform you that you may add more products but you have to pay double shipping rate and the % indicator proceed 100+ and so on.

There must be an identical indicator like this for local-stock products which reach 100% when local-stock items reach a weight of 20 kg. Difference is that once you reach 100% you can not add more local-stock items. You will receive pop-up message informing you that your cart for local-stock item is full.

I’d like these % indicators to be visualized with a cart “animation” that fills up (I quickly googles an example animation . I don’t want it that complex. Just a cart, like the one I have in the right top corner of the site, that fills up with a % indicator. You’re welcome to come with suggestions.

I’d like the 5 indicators to be created as two virtuemart modules, so I can place them where I want in the joomla template, only to be displayed when customer is in the virtuemart eCommerce part of the site.

Please help us to understand, if we are wrong !

I hope that this helps you to understand what I am looking for.

Lot’s of flexible information as I don’t really want them to order from both drop-shipper and local stock. But if they insist, the vendor shall be smart enough to calculate everything correctly.

An option to my solution above is that the vendor keeps track of two separate carts • one for drop-shipper- and one for local stock items. You checkout two separate orders with two separate order numbers.

Please give me feedback on this and come with suggestions and your expert opinion on which solution that would work the best.

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