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Database driven web site with CMS built in Dreamweaver CS5.5 in HTML5 optimised for Computers/laptops, tablets and mobile phones. Please read full details and please do not reply until the details have been read. Thank you.
We are looking for a database driven website in html5 with a full CMS back end and CSS so it is optimised for all screen sizes inc Wide screen and formats eg computer, tablet and phone displays for a jewellery store. Optimised for Engagement rings and full eternity rings.
In the first instance you must provide me with the URL of your best website design and this must have your name or company name in the source code to verify that it is your work.
This site will be built in Dreamweaver CS5.5
The design needs to be an ultra modern very simple and precise design in a minimalistic white layout with a hint of bright colour here and there. The main focus should be the videos of the products these needs to be able to be played on all browsers even when an older browser is used.
The video on the front page needs to be running all the time and there will be a range of videos to show we would like these to be run like a slide show so the first one fades into the second video and so on. Example here But without the fade into the type. We have the video in size 640 by 360 and also in size 520 by 326 but this can be changed as the design is the most important but the most important area on the front page is the video.
We sell hand-made engagement rings and diamond set eternity rings designed and hand made by Jeremy Fischer in England with the finest GIA certificated diamonds in the world. We only sell H to D colour and VS2 to Flawless clarity diamonds.
We need a quick inquiry form on each page and a phone back option both must be linked to an e mail account to inform us when an inquiry or phone back has been made or the best way in your experience so we can contact the customer ASAP plus a contact number.
Here are a couple of site that we like. The way the video is played in this website is as we would like it with the embed and other controls plus the design is very nice.
There will then be around 6 links in view when the website opens and all other links at the bottom of the page on the standard page CSS then 6 on the tablet CSS then 2 or 3 for the phone CSS
The 6 links in view will be 1) Hand-made engagement rings. 2) Diamonds Search. 3)Hand-made diamond set wedding rings. 4) Hand made plain wedding rings. 5) Home. 6) Rings Gallery. . We need an option in the CMS to add pages categories if needed e.g. tennis bracelets etc in the future.
Also a link to download the QuickTime video player if they do not have it. All the social website logos need to be here as well so people can download the videos to their web space on Twitter etc. We also need accounts made on the social websites for the website and the videos downloaded to them and an embed button. Importantly a branded YouTube channel with the videos loaded.
There will be a section on the front page showing the testimonials (Under the video) 1 at a time in a random order as the page is opened and continuing with each one left up long enough to read then replaced with another one.
Then at the bottom there will be all other links needed Customer log in, Contact, Testimonials, About, Privacy policy etc plus an address All rights reserved etc.
All our GIA diamonds come with a minimum buy back.
Buyback. The buyback must have a link so a small section opens or displays when you mouse over it saying.
"All our diamonds are the finest in the world and come with a Guaranteed minimum buyback at 15% less than you paid for the diamond in the first place. As diamonds do retain their value as long as you buy the best most sort after diamonds with GIA certification at the right price in the first place." (We would need to be able to change this in the CMS if the percentage or words change
The Diamonds page will have a list of diamonds with a search facility showing very simple sliders to select the Carat size.25 carat to 10 carat the cart weight needs to be able to be input by the user as well as moving the slider, Diamond ClarityVS2 to Flawless, Diamond Colour from H to D and cut from Good to Excellent. There will also be an option to select the diamond shape which is shown on the jfkdiamonds web site. The only diamonds that have a cut grade are the round diamond so the cut value must be taken from the symmetry column when there is no value in the cut column on the CSV list in the database. This would be on its own page called diamonds there would not be a list of diamonds on the index page. The diamonds would be listed in lots of 25 with the lowest price first when they go to the diamond page we need a list in place to start with of the cheapest 25 diamonds available in the csv list plus the option for the viewer to select low to high or high to low. The diamond list is displayed in US dollars in the CSV list but the base currency shown on the website must be UK pounds.
The diamonds will then be displayed as in the jfk website showing the diamond shape pictures and all the dimensions as shown with all the information as in the site but also adding a Buyback price which will be 15% less than the price paid but displayed in US dollars and not displayed in any other currency. This % buyback needs to be in the CMS as we may need to change the % from time to time. Also an Insurance valuation price that will be a % of the cost around 210% This % needs to be in the CMS as we may need to change the % from time to time This Insurance valuation price must be displayed in the currency selected by the user.
In the currency converter we need to be able to change the exchange rate to allow for the difference in the rate to the real rate you can get when changing money rather than the listed exchange rate. so if it is say 1.5 on Google we would change this to say 1.45 as the real exchange rate so the UK pounds value allows for this but they can pay in dollars at the exact price in the CSV list.
The prices would then go through the website to the shopping cart this includes the Buyback which then must appear on the invoice then they can select how to pay for their diamond ring with a credit or debit card on the web. By bank wire bank transfer or cheque would add a discount of 2% this needs to be shown on the page were they select the payment types (This needs to be in the CMS so the % can be changed if needed).
In the shopping cart the buyer would then be able to select a country they would like to have the diamond sent to The billing address can be in the UK or a different country from the one it is being sent to. This is so the VAT can be added at the rate of the country it will be sent to this again we need a CMS area so we can change the VAT rates for each country. If the diamond ring is being sent abroad there will be a charge for FEDEX this will be different for different countries and needs to be in the CMS so we can change this from time to time as the price changes. The shopping cart needs to be in a secure socket layer which we have on our web space.
The shopping cart will also generate an Invoice in the currency selected for us to be able to print out to send with the diamond ring purchased this would include the minimum buyback this must be in US dollars and not in any other currency for the diamond buy back price and have a nice modern look to go with the website. We would also need an Insurance Valuation showing the insurance valuation that we can print out and send with the diamond ring but not the price paid or the buyback again with same look as the invoice.
There will be 3 sizes of videos for the different formats.
1 a very large video that can be downloaded /opened in a pop up or new page. the standard video for the webpage and tablet sized video which are the same. A phone size video which also needs to be made smaller if a small screen phone is used or as a placeholder.
There will be a list of diamonds that needs to be uploaded by a csv file into the database through the CMS this would have around 30,000 to 40,000 rows, this would be done on a weekly basis so when the csv file is uploaded the old csv file needs to be deleted.(excel sample sampleofDiamondlist attached) (Or a button to delete before we upload a new list.)
There will also be a csv list for the ready-made engagement rings set with a diamond this must have a ring size on the page listing sizes in UK sizes and US sizes alongside each other. (excel sample Diamondengagementringpricealreadymade)
There will also be a csv list for the ready-made engagement rings not set with a diamond that will be added to the diamond they bought. In this section we need the option to add side stones in different sizes and different shapes via a dropdown menu this must have a ring size on the page listing sizes in UK sizes and US sizes along side each other.. (Engagementringpricenodiamond attached)
and also one for the wedding rings and et rings this must have a ring size on the page listing sizes in UK sizes and US sizes alongside each other. The other option on this section is the colour and clarity used in the eternity rings see attached csv for the 3 different qualities GHSi/GHVS/DEFVSVVS all with different prices and different insurance valuations.
(excelfile ETorweddingringsampleupload).
There will also be a section where you can order standard wedding rings in 18ct gold and platinum the prices of these will be shown by a weight in the csv list that is used to display the current price. So there will be feed from goldprice or platinumprice .com to keep the price correct without having to alter and upload the price each day. The price will be an percentage of the gold or platinum price per gram. (weddingringweight attached) This will need to be altered in the CMS from time to time the price will be a percentage of the price shown.
The other pages needed are listed on the jfk website e.g. contact 4cs all the information will be taken from the jfk website for these there will be 2 extra pages.
1) Trade page. This will just have some type on it to allow other websites to inquire about or how to download our list of diamond to sell there will not be any discounts for this as the prices we already offer are 15% less than UK wholesale prices to start with. Just a contact page with a form to fill in.
2) A gallery page showing small pictures of rings we have made that can be selected and put into a larger image section to show details on the same page.
All areas of the website need to be accessed via the CMS
Set up e mail account on the server.
We also would want a copy of the whole site so we can connect it to Dreamweaver CS5.5. on our own computer with all the codes passwords.
The first £1000 will be paid once the website is shown to us on your server the remaining balance will be uploaded to the site and held there and will be released as soon as the website has been uploaded to out nominated server and tested to make sure everything works this would normally take 3 days to 1 week once this is confirmed the funds will be released less £500 this will be released once a full copy of the website is sent to us and connected to our copy of dreamweaver including the database etc this can be done at the same time as the website is upoaded to the server if required to save time.

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