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Experience Level: Intermediate
Need an iphone qualified iapp developer with APN experience:

End Product: After downloading iapp, user receives âpush notifications alerting them of updates/news concerning specific categories/events they signed up for.

Example: While this is not the actual end product idea, I will make up an example to identify requirements; This document will use a random example of an iapp designed to alert user of news/updates concerning specific sporting events that they signed up for. I have a complete list of screenshots available (50) as well as a rough functional GUI that I can send after discussions get underway and NDA signed. I am including a few in this document to expand on my points. Can send Full document with screenshots...

Registration: After downloading iapp from the itunes store, User clicks on iapp icon and is required to registers the following variable data;
First Name
Last Name
Main Sporting Event Interest
Username and Password

This data is sent from the iapp to my server where itâs stored as the Users profile. The users then is prompted to choose which sporting events he wants to receive notifications/news about.
Signing up for events: The user will initially be able to sign up for a limited number of events, for example 5 events. The list of current events is retrieved from the website database and displayed on the IAPP main screen, where he can pick and choose from a list of events available. If a specific event is not listed that the User wants, User can enter a suggestion in a specified box (more on suggestions later).
After making the initial 5 choices;
1. These events are saved to his profile.
2. Events User signed up for automatically appear on iapp main page, but can be edited and changed anytime.
3. User receives automated email showing the categories User signed up for after a designated wait period.
4. He is subscribed to receive future �push notifications� on each of the categories User signed up to receive.
5. User receives last notification/update for each event if it was sent within a certain time period in the past (for example, if a notification was sent within the last two weeks, a push notification is sent to them).
6. User can manually check for new or past updates by clicking on link in the IAPP.

Multiple User Example:
User A downloads iapp, registers, then signs up to receive news/updates on the following sporting events;
US Open Golf Tournament
Charger Football Team
The Olympics
Basketball Championships
NCAA Tennis Tournament
User downloads iapp, registers, and signs up for the following events;
US Open Golf Tournament
Charger Football Team
NASCAR Auto Racing
National Swimming Championship
University of California Vollyball
And user registers then signs up for some of the same or a completely different set of events.
US Open Golf Tournament
Pool Championships
Bowling Tournament
Other users will sign up for some of the same events or completely new set of events.
Push Notifications: When news becomes available and is manually entered into my server (dashboard entry system), and operator (me) pushes, it is sent to those Users who signed up for that specific news. For example;
News becomes available on the US Open Golf Tournament, I type this news into my dashboard and click send. It goes out to all users who signed up to receive this news. In this case User A, B, and C plus anyone else who signed up.
When news becomes available concerning the Charger Football Team, I type this news in the dashboard (only available to me), click send and it is sent to Users A, B, but not C and anyone else who signed up to receive this news.
This news is delivered to the iphone as a push notification, to which the user can click Viewâ or gnore. If User clicks View, iapp opens and entire news is displayed. If user clicks gnore messagebadge number shows up on iapp icon. If user goes back later and opens iapp, User can click on it and view missed message.
Changing Notification Categories: If the user would like to change which sport event he wishes to receive notifications, User clicksChange Alertsicon in the iapp, and IAPP connects to website or website database to display info. After un-clicking one or more events on the list of 5 stored in the users profile and adds another in its place, this information is;
1. Updated on his profile
2. Users notification subscription is updated.
3. New list is also updated in the iapp itself.
4. User receives automated email once update is complete listing new category list.
5. User now is subscribed to additional sporting event and receives updates when they are sent.
Removal of iapp: If User uninstalls or removes iapp from iphone/itunes, User is removed from the database or archived and no longer sent messages, removed from the email database etc’¦.(user may be given the choice to retain their profile if this is a temporary uninstall.

In app upgrade: The iapp is FREE and will always be free. However, initially the user is limited to only 5 different sporting events. An option exists to unlock 5 additional slots for a total of 10 different sporting events. To unlock the additional 5 events, the user must click on an icon that opens up the users iphone âmailâsystem which contains a pre-formatted text email which comes pre-formatted with the text previously entered by (me). The user must choose XX number of emails, for example two emails that are in his iphone contact list, which they choose by clicking a box next to the names, and these emails are added to the email. Once the user clicks send, the additional 5 slots become available on the iapp and on my webpage for User to add to if they desire. (App Genie is an example that has the same upgrade process in the itunes store)

Event Requests: When the user is choosing specific events to subscribe to and one that he wants is not listed, the user can make a requests by filling out a Event Requestâ form located on the master event selection page, which is then sent to the owners web-based dashboard.

News/update Creation: Push alerts/news messages are created by use of a Owners web based Dashboard. Owner Dashboard is controlled only by me. Push messages/news updates are typed into the Owners Dashboard, and sent to those customers who signed up to receive that specific category. News injects can also be inputted in mass by uploading an excel spreadsheet to my server, which automatically injects messages into each group. Open to any ideas here to limit coding and ease of use.

Owner Dashboard: Web based dashboard controlled only by me. Purpose of Owners Dashboard is to;
1. Create and release/send individual (or group) push notification/messages to APN network for ultimate release to iphone/iapp subscribers.
2. Add new categories of events in event list
3. Receive/depict Users Category Suggestion data from Event. (i.e. user suggest to add a new category or event, shows up on dashboard)
4. User profile information/subscription management (manual subscription, removal etc from system). Three main screens: 1. User screen 2. Event screen 3. Messages screen or combined into one screen, not sureâFully sort-able by event, profile/registration data, password, UserName, age, etc’¦ I have example spreadsheets etc..

Other concepts:
1. When the user clicks name on iapp of event, the most recent message is depicted.
2. Icon exists where user can click on event to send email to me with a pre-formatted email depending on which event they clicked on.

Major Concepts to Discuss prior to bidding: This program can be approached in two ways. First, a strict iApp, where mostly all screens etc are resident in the iapp itself, with the exception of the changing databases and subscription profiles. This would limit this app to the iphone/ipad/itouch. I would like to explore and discuss the option of optimizing a website for mobile, where screens and databases reside and only use the iapp (submitted to apple) for the push messages and link to the website. i.e. every simple iapp to be submitted to apple, with the bulk of the screens, coding and databases residing on my servers. I would like to discuss these two concepts, as the second option allows me to expand easier to the ultimate product after I test the beta/concept.

I have full screenshots of every screen required (about 45-50); push, signup, event choices, errors, popups etc, both individually and in a rough functional GUI mockup. I created the screens using an iapp program called Dapp which also generates some amount of code.

I am very comfortable working with and consider myself programmer friendly. I understand the importance of nailing down requirements early on and limiting changes to a minimum to reduce the impact on code changes etcâ�’¦. I have a very clear idea of what I want, with full screen shots, artwork, etcâ�’¦ so this will minimize design time and allow you to concentrate primarily on actual coding. I need to clarify the major way forward then I can fully develop a requirements document. I am not absolutely stuck on my way of doing this and if there is an easier, less costly route, I am willing to entertain a better way of doing it to minimize cost, time and hassle. My only concern is a smooth, easy end product for the user.

Bidding Should Include: Bidding should include the following concepts;
1. iapp creation, submission, acceptance to itunes app store (technical issues), follow-up testing and bug resolution.
2. Server to Push Notification Service Provider, may be by third party service. In fact, I prefer a third party solution such as http://urbanairship.com/developers/ then, once the concept is proven, phase in a custom APN solution.
3. Back-end database: User registration/profile, User subscriptions, event/news management, Owner Dashboard, etc. All will be clarified in requirements document after we discuss.
Major Legal Concepts:
1. Deliverables include; fully documented source code.
2. All source code becomes the âsole property of Jeff Tappan.
3. No re-use of source code/major ideas in other applications.
4. NDA required.
5. Credit will certainly be given to developer but only as �mutually� agreed to.
6. No exclusivity agreement to continue with programmer after testing and evaluation period.
a. However, looking for a long-term relationship with a programmer should the initial project be mutually agreeable to both parties, but want the option to take the source code and find a new programmer should we not be on the same vision track.
7. Programmer will certify that all source code is unique and not the property of others.
8. This source code will be the base for many other iapp programs with slight modifications.

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