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Request for Proposal: Building Integrated Photovoltaics Markets in Asia

NanoMarkets is an industry analyst firm providing guidance in a variety of new technology areas related to energy and electronics. We provide our clients with the result of our analysis in the form of reports, which are written both by full-time employees of NanoMarkets and by outside consultants (associate analysts).

NanoMarkets has already published two reports on the markets for Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) and now wishes to commission a report specifically on BIPV markets in Asia from an appropriate outside consultant/associate analyst. Because the report is to be focused more towards business issues than the technology issues the successful proposal will be one that demonstrates clear understanding of business and market adoption items. That is not to say that technology understanding will be excused but rather we expect someone who can perform real market and business analysis.

The main objective of this report will be to identify and quantify the business opportunities that are appearing as a result of the deployment of BIPV in Asia. The audience to which this report would be targeted should be product managers, strategic planners and marketing managers at solar panel firms, building products manufacturers, and materials firms, as well as the many other kinds of businesses that are becoming involved in the development of PV in Asia.

The report should focus primarily on market opportunities and it must include an analysis of the complete value chain and a discussion of where the key opportunities are for BIPV in Asian nations. As such it should discuss both the details of Asian PV deployment plans and the role of BIPV within those plans. Key to this discussion should be an analysis of (1) the regulatory factors that impact the growth of BIPV and (2) of national construction markets, since these form the main addressable market for BIPV.

Areas of coverage: This report should not cover conventional PV panels, only BIPV products. For the purposes of this proposed report our understanding of BIPV is that it includes those products which combine the properties and functions of conventional building materials with those of PV modules.

BIPV products today generally fall into three categories:

(1) rigid/opaque products suitable for roofs and walls either as tile-type structures or as larger modules that can replace an entire wall or roof surface;

(2) flexible opaque products such as shingles or metal roofing sheets with embedded PV laminates; and

(3) transparent products that combine PV with the functionality of windows, architectural devices, etc.

Markets for such products are expanding internationally, but each nation and region is different with regard to its openness to BIPV concepts and the likely size of demand. Thus Japan is by the largest market for BIPV today; the consensus is that 40 percent of all Japanese PV installations use BIPV. The three other major growth markets for BIPV in Asia at the present time appear to Korea, Malaysia and Singapore. However, both China and India have ambitious targets for PV installations over the next decade and previous NanoMarkets reports have suggested that BIPV will play a considerable role in meeting these targets. In addition, China also has recently announced a higher subsidy for BIPV products than for conventional PV products.

With all this in mind the report should focus on the following nations: India, China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Singapore. Other nations in Asia should be covered where the consultant/associate analyst is able to determine that there is an actual or potential market for BIPV in these nations. Other Asian countries that should be investigated with this in mind include Taiwan, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

For each of the countries covered, the report should

(1) analyze the key drivers for BIPV such as current state of the PV market as a whole, special subsidies and other factors impacting BIPV and the overall state of the construction market;

(2) discuss major deployments and timetable for deployments in each Asian nation and which sectors of the economy/demography in each nation are likely to be most open to BIPV; and

(3) discuss who are the major suppliers of BIPV in each of the Asian nations covered.

Structure of the report: The report should consist of

An Executive Summary should discuss the main BIPV related business opportunities available in Asia and the most important companies to watch. It must not be a mere summary of what already exists in the body of the repot but instead must present the overall conclusions from the report in a very clear and analytical format.

Chapter One will be a short chapter outlining the reason why the report is being written, its methodology, etc.

Chapter Two should cover each of the main BIPV markets in Asia, examining both the major driving factors as well as those slowing down BIPV deployment. In preparing this chapter, the main factors that should be taken into consideration for each of the countries covered are: the state of the PV market as a whole, the state of the construction market and which sectors are most open to BIPV, regulatory factors. and which specific products and companies are doing well/likely to do well in each nation.

Chapter Three should provide coverage of the technology issues and trends related to BIPV and discussed in the context of each country.

Chapter Four should cover major supply chain issues for the various countries and leading firms should be discussed in the analysis in terms of who are considered the leaders and in what contexts. This is not an invitation to provide information on companies gathered from websites or databases.

Chapter Five should consist of forecasts broken out by country, type of technology and type of product.

Tone, presentation and methodology of the report: The tone of the report should be analytical and give the impression that it is written by an industry insider. The primary interest of our customers is how money can be made in emerging Asian BIPV markets. With that in mind, they do not need or want (1) lots of product or statistical data pulled from the Internet (2) tutorial information or (3) company contact information or history pulled from industry directories. In particular, this report requires no discussion of how the technology works or generic information on its benefits and challenges; the readers of the report will be familiar with that. In addition, this report must focus on BIP; general discussions of the state of play in the PV markets as a whole are only needed when they relate specifically to BIPV issues and markets.

In order to ensure that the report has the "insider tone" required, the successful applicant to this RFP will need to commit to carrying out 20 telephone interviews with interviewees selected from (1) leading firms with a major commitment to BIPV deployment in the Asian nations and (2) government executive and regulators with responsibility for some aspect of BIPV in Asia. It will be the responsibility of the associate analyst hired by NanoMarkets to select the interviewees and the outside consultant/associate analyst will be expected to provide NanoMarkets with a complete list of interviewees at the end of the project.

Deliverables: The final deliverable will be a report that will be approximately 40,000-45,000 words in length (plus charts and tables) and prepared using Microsoft Office 2007. While NanoMarkets reserves the right to add material and change certain aspects of the report, the report should be delivered in edited/ready-to-publish form. As such the report submitted to NanoMarkets must be (1) publishable quality and (2) fully edited and proofed. The report submitted to NanoMarkets should also be the original work of the outside consultant/associate analyst and should not infringe any copyrights. It cannot contain quotes from other research firms although government data and information from economic firms or trade associations are acceptable with proper attribution.

In addition to the report itself, NanoMarkets must receive all interview notes, surveys and articles used in the creation of the report.

Role of NanoMarkets: NanoMarkets will oversee the project and will expect to see the report as a work in progress every two weeks during the research period. It will also provide the researcher with initial and ongoing guidance during the course of the project, especially with regard to forecasts. Wherever possible it will also provide the researcher with relevant content, but the researcher should not count on this and instead be prepared to access primary and secondary sources of data to complete the project with high quality deliverables.

The proposal: Please submit a proposal that includes:

(1) A provisional table of contents (ToC) for this report. For guidance on this please see our Web sites ( which contain numerous tables of contents. The ToC submitted in the proposal should follow the same general format as the ones on our Web site

(2) A resume/CV or other documentation showing industry and academic history

(3) A cover letter explaining suitability for this project both in terms of the ability to research and compile the report and in terms of knowledge of Asian BIPV and/or related markets.

We will not accept bids from companies or contractors who cannot demonstrate competency in this area.

(4) A Timeline for the project from initiation to completion

(5) A fee for the project, expressed in U.S. Dollars

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