How to create a great digital identity

How to Create and Nurture Your Digital Identity

These days, digital identity is a thing. We live in a world where online content matters the most. The Internet is a means of establishing relationships and learning about other people, but it adds a brand new layer of reality to our lives. Did you go to a concert or a football match? It never happened if you didn’t post a photo!

People keep sharing their thoughts, images, and opinions about all sorts of topics, but it makes their digital identities more complex and harder to manage. It’s a major issue for a variety of reasons. For instance, 70% of employers didn’t hire an applicant because of online content.

This is only one of many reasons why you should carefully design and protect your digital identity. In this post, we will present you the whole concept and show you six ways to make a solid digital persona.

What is Digital Identity?

Digital identity is defined as the data that uniquely describes a person and contains information about the subject’s digital relationships. In other words, it consists of everything you’ve ever done on the Internet: your search history, social profiles, emails, connections, and all other activities.

As such, digital identity keeps growing steadily because you probably use various online services on a daily basis. Craig Hennessey, a web security specialist at UK Careers Booster, warns us to keep in mind that the things we do online are never completely private: “Even if you use Incognito browsing and other safety modes, your activities will be recorded one way or another.”

Besides that, publicly available content or information can always be misinterpreted and make you look bad in the eyes of the searcher. This is yet another reason to pay attention to your digital self because it can make or break your private or professional hopes at some point in the future.

Where to look for your digital identity

As the largest and most popular search engine, Google is the first place where people will be looking for you. You should do the same and enter your full name in the search box. Check out all results that seem to mention you by name and analyze the content. Once you’re done with it, as yourself a couple of questions:

  • Is this post accurate?
  • Can it hurt my online reputation?

The process goes beyond website articles but is the first step for your digital security. We recommend you explore other types of content such as social media posts and comments, long-forgotten personal profiles, news, images, and so on.

Can someone steal your digital persona?

The question of cybersecurity is always important when it comes to identity management and personal reputation. However, the truth remains that hackers are able to steal your digital ID and use it for illegal purposes.

According to the reports, identity theft is currently a gold mine for cybercriminals as it reached an all-time high in 2016 with up to $16 billion worth of losses caused by fraud and identity theft. There are many ways to steal your online ID: from spamming and cookies to wi-fi thefts and customer loyalty account breaches.

After that, hackers use personal information to create counterfeit cards, pay bills, file fake tax returns, launch phishing attacks, or initiate any other type of illegal but lucrative online activity. For this reason, the key is to keep your eyes wide open and nurture your online self.

Six tricks to create a flawless digital ID

Let’s assume that you are just starting to build your online identity and want to learn how it works. We present you six hacks to make a flawless digital persona:

1. Delete undesired content

The first thing you should do is to remove the existing content that reveals negative attitudes toward controversial topics, minority groups, etc. Besides that, make sure to delete awkward or inappropriate content.

2. Create a website

A professional-looking personal site will make you look more credible and authoritative. It’s also a way to ensure higher Google ranking, so people won’t have to ask around somewhere else. A website should concentrate on personal achievements, professional portfolio, and work experience.

3. Share upbeat content

The goal of online activities is not to dehumanize yourself. On the contrary, you should share upbeat content to present yourself as a positive and proactive person who enjoys getting involved in quality projects both professionally and privately.

4. Don’t quit checking

Another important advice is to keep checking your online identity, especially on Google. Do it regularly because it’s the only way to react quickly and remove unfavorable content.

5. Stop posting everything

The Internet allows you to share whatever you like whenever you like, but we strongly encourage you to resist the temptation. Even if your content is superb, posting 10 times a day will make you look suspicious in the eyes of the searcher. That’s why you need to stay reasonable and publish content only if you have something really interesting to share with the world.

6. Mind the online security

The last tip on our list is technical but highly relevant. Namely, you need a solid security program to keep you protected from malware attacks. Keep it up to date and change passwords regularly – it should be enough to make your online identity persona impenetrable.


The average Internet user is browsing websites on a daily basis, administering at least a couple of social accounts, and publishing all sorts of online comments from sports and music to public finance and politics. In such circumstances, it is crucial to take care of your digital persona in order to preserve your online identity and reputation.

We created this post to explained to you the concept of digital identity and show you a few ways to create and protect it. These hacks can make a big difference between more or less successful 21st-century professionals, so make sure to use them and craft a flawless digital self.

Eugene Eaton
Eugene is an Australian-based blogger for UK Careers Booster, who is into stand-up comedy. His favorite comedians are Louis CK and George Carlin. A good morning laugh is what keeps Eugene upbeat and motivated through the harsh day.
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