Business Success Story: Hire Quality Freelancers to eliminate uncertainty

Very few start-ups can afford to hire full-time experts in different disciplines to move their business forward. PeoplePerHour plugs this gap by providing an invaluable source of top quality freelancers who can be hired on a per-project basis.

Why I use PeoplePerHour: Top Quality Freelancers

As a start-up founder I look for three things; quality, speed, and price. Unfortunately, it feels almost impossible to get all three at once. You normally have to sacrifice either quality for price or vice versa. If I were only looking for cheap prices there are many other freelancing sites out there that can beat But when it comes to quality; PeoplePerHour reigns supreme.

This makes my go-to website when I need to ensure that the work is of the highest standards.

Hourlies: Hire Quality Freelancers without any uncertainty

For me, the best way to hire per project is through Hourlies. They are off-the-shelf service packages that Freelancers put together, for anyone to buy when available. What I like most about it is: there are no unknowns with Hourlies.

  1. You can see work the Freelancers have produced in the past. On other sites, you have to base your opinion only on feedback from past clients. You have no idea on whether the work is relevant to you. With Hourlies on, you can view previously completed projects and that helps to judge if they would be a good hire for your company.
  2. You know exactly how much you are going to pay. On other sites where people have to bid for a job, you can go into a project having no idea how much it will cost you. This can sometimes mean you can underestimate how much work it will be, especially when priced on an hourly basis. Whilst you’d like to think people are honest, you have no idea if the hours they bill is truthful. There is none of this with Hourlies on PeoplePerHour.
  3. You also know when work will be delivered. So if you have an urgent project you can see exactly when the delivery date is on Hourlies. On other sites, you can post a job and everyone who applies may not have time in their diary to complete this for you. Wasting a day or two waiting for responses would obviously lessen the time a freelancer has to complete the work.

So for me, Hourlies are just perfect. CEO’s cannot afford uncertainty in any part of their business and Hourlies illuminate exactly that.

Quality Freelancers with a wealth of experience

Let me give you an example. One business area that had to be right was the legal side of the business. Obviously, no business can afford to get their terms and conditions or privacy policy wrong. This could lead to fines, lawsuits or even worse closure of the business. I needed someone highly experienced, who understands the local rules and regulations and who could do this quickly. Luckily, through PeoplePerHour, I was able to find a corporate lawyer with 25 years of experience. When my co-founder David joined one of the first things he mentioned was how professional the terms and conditions were. We achieved this all through a click of a button on

Build a network of Quality Freelancers available to help

In 2012, when I first started using PeoplePerHour all of the marketing around the website was that they didn’t want hundreds of people bidding on jobs, they only want the best people applying. This is great because I tend to hire people who are either very experienced and have moved on to become freelancers. Or I work with people who still work for big companies and freelance on the side. On other websites, lots of freelancers apply to jobs without the relevant experience or the right qualifications to execute my project at the highest standard. They apply for all kind of jobs trying to pick up any work they can get. No business owner has the time to filter through tons of irrelevant proposals. Therefore when I have an important project I set up a Private Job with one of the Freelancers I have worked with in the past.

I did this for another crucial project Hubbite used PeoplePerHour for was the explainer video for our business. It is on the homepage of our mobile website so we wanted the best. I had used the services of a video designer on PeoplePerHour in the past so I could attest to her abilities. We worked closely with the Seller through several iterations until we got the video exactly right. The end result was precisely what we wanted and it can be seen here:

Hubbite Animation

If you run a start-up then I would highly recommend using PeoplePerHour. First of all, it will save you tons of time. But more importantly, you will know what you are getting. And you can rest assured that the work will be of a higher standard than on other websites. This all thanks to the top quality freelancers that you can find on

Daniel Hall
Daniel Hall is the CEO and co-founder of, a social review website launched in 2018.
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آموزش بازاریابی اینترنتی

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