Five New Year’s resolutions for small businesses

Are New Year’s resolutions part of your small business strategy to achieve more in the new year?

Using the Christmas break to reflect on the things that have gone well — and not so well — within your businesses this year, is the perfect way to stay productive. It’s also the ideal time to think about what you really want your business to achieve next year and make your small business New Year’s resolutions.

A New Year’s resolution list for your small business

Better business planning

Many small business owners fall into the trap of being so active within their business that they forget about planning ahead. Make your first New Year’s resolution for 2019 that you spare some time to take yourself away from the business and strategically plan for the months to come.

  • Do you need a seasonal marketing plan?
  • Do you need to cover stock shortfalls at certain times of the year?
  • Do you need to prepare your staff rotas for the next three months?

Planning ahead will help you to prevent knee-jerk reactions and gain a better perspective on your business.

Be more active on social media

These days, if your business is not active on social media (or not on social media at all!) then you may as well not exist. Did you know that 71% of consumers who have had a good social media service experience with a brand are likely to recommend it to others? That’s a huge percentage of your customers that could be talking positively about you online.

Carve out an hour of your day to boost your business on the most relevant social media channels. Struggling to find a spare hour, or don’t even know where to start? Don’t worry, our savvy freelance social media experts have got you covered.

Make the decision and move on

Fighting with procrastination should be another bullet point on your New Year’s resolution list.

If there’s a decision you’ve been putting off for a while, now’s the time to make it. It could be that you’ve just been ‘making do’ with a piece of ineffective equipment rather than buying new. Or, you could have an employee who’s not pulling their weight. Or, maybe you have a product range that’s not really working for you anymore and it’s time to let it go.

Sometimes there’s nothing worse than making a tough decision, but once it’s done, it feels like the weight of the world has been lifted from your shoulders.

Revamp your website

Just how old is your website? A great website should be useful, accessible and credible. And above all, it should act as an online ambassador for your business. If your website is not driving customers to your business, if it isn’t mobile friendly or GDPR compliant, or it just looks outdated, add it to your new year’s resolutions.

Finding a talented and reliable freelancer to help you is a huge step in the right direction. Search PeoplePerHour for website developersweb content writersbrand identity designers, and more.

Find time for yourself

Your most important New Year’s resolution. Find time for yourself and your loved ones.

Running your own business can be all-consuming. You can literally spend every waking second working on, or thinking about, your company.

The most productive small business owners make time for themselves and try to find as much work-life balance as possible. You can still be productive whilst taking time out for yourself: learn a new language, join a sports club, set up regular time in your day to take your dog for a walk, make a regular coffee date with a friend. A healthy work-life balance helps you to think more clearly, be more active, and make better decisions.

Starting your business year off with a set of New Year’s resolutions is a great way to kickstart a brilliant 12 months for your venture. What will yours be?

Libby is a seasoned freelance writer with a background in HR and careers advice. She manages the day-to-day social media and blog content for PeoplePerHour. When she’s not working, you can almost always find her spending as much time as possible with her two rescue dogs.
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