Employee Appreciation Day

Employee Appreciation Day: 5 ways to make your freelancers feel valued

Employee Appreciation Day falls on the first Friday of March each year. As you might expect, this was set up as a day for organisations to show some love for their employees. Whilst we think this is a fantastic idea, sometimes companies forget to show their freelancers the same appreciation as their permanent staff.

Freelancers play a crucial role in helping many businesses in achieving their growth ambitions. So why don’t they receive the same appreciation that permanent employees do? That’s why this Employee Appreciation Day, we’re offering our 5 top Employee Appreciation Day ideas on how to show appreciation to your freelancers…without having to spend a lot of money.

1. Say thank you

Ok, this may sound easy and just downright polite, but a simple thank you can go a long way to ensure a freelancer feels appreciated. It’s easy to become very transactional in your relationship with your freelancers as they are ‘just doing the job’ you’re paying them for. However, If you’re happy with the job they have done or are currently doing. then make sure you tell them, this can mean a lot and lets them know that they are on the right track.

A simple email or phone call to say thank you is enough, but if you really want to leave a personal touch then send them a physical thank you letter to leave your freelancer feeling truly valued. Remember, if your permanent employees feel valued, their productivity will be higher, and the same applies to freelancers that you use repeatedly.

2. Show appreciation by expanding your collaboration

There’s no clearer indication for a freelancer that they’ve done a good job than if a buyer keeps coming back to them. This may sound like a logical step to take if you are happy with the work that someone has done for you, but it can be tempting to keep testing the water to see if you can find better. While there is nothing wrong with trying out different freelancers, it will be beneficial in the long term to build a relationship with a freelancer that you trust. The more you work with someone, the better and more efficient your work relationship will become, benefitting both you and your freelancer.

3. Encourage adoption of your company culture

An organisation’s culture and values can often be what defines them. Many companies will spend a huge amount of time creating their values and culture. Whilst this is easier to promote to workers who can be a difficult task. If a freelancer feels no connection to the culture of the organisation, this can leave them feeling left out and disengaged with your business.

Why not try sending some of your company swag to your freelancer? This will help them feel like part of the team and create a sense of loyalty towards your brand at the same time.

Make a conscious effort to include all of your employees in communication, even if it’s something as small as inviting them to join the company Whatsapp group or the shared Slack workspace. Sometimes it’s the small things that help to ensure that your workforce feels involved in the culture and valued by you.

4. Leave a thoughtful review to show some appreciation

You’re busy, you’re running a business after all, we get that. But If you really want to make your PeoplePerHour freelancer feel valued, take the time to leave a genuine and considered review. The more detail you can provide on why your freelancer was successful, the better it will be for their future prospects of receiving work. Leaving a thoughtful and considered review is a guaranteed way of making your freelancer feel appreciated, and they will be genuinely grateful that you have taken the time to leave a proper review for them.

Small touches like this really make a difference and your freelancer will remember this the next time you come to them with a new project.

What better way to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day than leaving an amazing review?

5. Commit time to write your brief

Time is something that freelancers deeply appreciate. This is why there’s nothing worse for a freelancer than being given a vague brief, and then being expected to deliver miracles in a short space of time. It’s vital that you commit time to write the brief. Ensure that you have properly considered all of the different aspects of the project before sending your brief over. You will waste time if the freelancer is forced to go back and forth with you many times in order to gain the brief they require. If you need results quickly then you will save time by spending time delivering a thorough and accurate brief.

Of course, no matter how good the brief, there will still be questions. Make sure you continue to check your dashboard regularly after you have submitted the brief. It can be frustrating for both the buyer and freelancer if it takes a long time to get a response to simple questions.

We hope these top tips give you some inspiration for how you can show your freelancers the love they deserve on this year’s Employee Appreciation Day!

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Declan Campbell
Declan Campbell
Declan is the Communication & PR Manager at PeoplePerHour. His role involves writing blog content, helping to organise PeoplePerHour events and generally all things marketing. In his spare time, you will find Declan watching his beloved Manchester United.
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