5 Steps To Outsource A Project With Optimum Returns

As a business, connecting with the right people is important, when you are planning to outsource your project.

When it is something crucial for your business, it is important that you on-board the right freelancers. Someone who understands the criticality of your project, and how close the project is to you.

Why do you need to outsource the project? Firstly, certain skills & knowledge is not your core. Secondly, working on project development in-house doesn’t allow you to concentrate on what is important for your business. This will affect the business efficiency and productivity.

The most difficult task at hand, however, is finding the right person to outsource your project. That’s where you need help. A good relationship built on the stronghold of trust will help you collaborate on a project. This will help ensure a successful and profitable outcome. Here are a few steps that should help you achieve just that.

#1 Know what you want

When you are outsourcing a project, the clearer your goals are, the better. It makes the relationship work. So, before you start looking for someone to hire, list out your project’s requirements and the end goals.

Here are a few questions that should help you deliver a good project brief:

  • Define what the project is about? What are your end goals?
  • What type of person are you looking to hire for this project?
  • Which abilities are you looking for?
  • What is the timeline you expect for the project?
  • Who will be managing the project from your side?

If you have a project in mind, you should mention that as well when producing the scope for the project. These questions will help you deliver the project brief and also state the project requirements you are aiming for. This will also contain the feature list but, that needs to be discussed in person, once you have hired the person for the project.

#2 Have a budget

The second most important aspect when you outsource, that most businesses forget to account for is the remuneration. After all, the freelancers and the businesses would connect based on the value they give each other. So, make sure you research the possible budget requirements for the project, and with the features you want. Then, add them to your project description. If you are not planning on defining the budget at the start, make sure you mention that it is negotiable. But never set it too low. A price too low will not attract an experienced consultant. On the opposite, you will get people who are starting out and might not have the right level of expertise. The chances are high you will be receiving sub-par results. So, make sure you have a good budget before going ahead with outsourcing the project.

#3 Determine the skills

It is important you know the skills the people you outsource your project to, possess. That’s why it is important to check their portfolio before going ahead with hiring them. Ask them for the projects they may have done in the past, and how they have proceeded with each project. Check if they have done any in the industry you work for, and how they have designed and developed the projects. Determine the success ratio, and rate the freelancers/company based on the metrics you have predetermined. Again, seek recommendations for the company/freelancers you want to hire. Check with clients they have worked with in the past, and see how these companies rate them for timeliness of delivery and the quality of the project. If you are satisfied, you can outsource your project to them.

#4 Ask them for a detailed plan

It is important that the company you are outsourcing your project to has a well-defined plan for the design and development of your project. Have a kick-off meeting with the freelancers/company, and state all your requirements, including the feature list. Mention the phases in which you are expecting to complete the work.

Once this is mentioned, ask them to come up with a detailed plan for each phase, and how they aim to proceed with the project. The plan should include the deadlines as well as other parameters essential for successful completion. If they are able to convince you with the detailed plan, then you can go ahead and hire them for your project.

#5 Monitor and Evaluate

It is a responsible attitude to start with small projects, divide your project in shorter phases, and keep the development in progress. You should keep an eye on the progress, and evaluating the project with respect to your objectives and goals. This will help you understand if your outsourcing strategy has failed or has been successful in getting through your goals and objectives.

The metrics that you have already defined should be used when you are measuring the success of your project after outsourcing it. The contracts should not just define the metrics clearly but also the project milestones so that you are on the same page.

Summing up

These are the five basic steps that will help you move forward with outsourcing and do it successfully. Make sure you check in with the freelancer/company on a regular basis and keep yourself abreast of the project updates. It is important for you and the Freelancer you have outsourced the project to, to communicate on a regular basis using whatever mode both of you are comfortable with.

If you follow these five steps, chances are high you outsource your project to the right person, and you are on the path to success.

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Yuvrajsinh Vagehela
Yuvrajsinh is a Marketing Manager at Space-O Technologies, specialized in the iOS app development. He spends most of his time researching mobile app and startup trends. He is a regular contributor at Entrepreneur.
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