the benefits of content marketing for your small business

4 Reasons Why Your Business Should Invest in Content Marketing

Our world is changing at such a rapid rate — specifically, everything is going online. In terms of marketing, this creates a shift in direction from traditional advertising to other techniques. One of the most significant transformations has been towards content marketing. For the skeptics, this was initially believed to be another marketing trend that would come and go. However, it’s proved to be one that’s going to stick.   

Now, 53% of businesses use content marketing and it has become a method which is preferred over other techniques like, say, billboards or television commercials.  If you want to join the world of content working, you’re in the right place. This post should guide you through all the benefits.  

What is content marketing?  

Content marketing is defined as the creation and sharing of online material — for instance, videos, blogs, and social media.  When executed right, content marketing will distribute valuable, consistent and relevant material to your current customers and potential new audiences.  

We’d say, the factor to focus on here is “valuable.” As with every type of content marketing, you have to make sure that what you’re distributing adds value to somebody’s life. The good news is, it is much easier to do this with content marketing than with traditional methods.  

Here are our top picks of the benefits of investing in content marketing, and the ways to achieve the most exceptional results. 

  1. It improves your SEO

If you’re in marketing, you’re probably tired of hearing about SEO. That being said, you’ll also be aware of how important it is.  

Search engines, specifically Google, love content. The place that your site shows up on search results depends heavily on quality content. This is why it’s always advisable to delegate content creation to professionals that know the craft. For example, agencies like understand the intricacies of search engine optimization. And specialist content marketing freelancers are always available to support your business when you need them. 

It benefits everybody involved – Google places fantastic content at the top, as their priority is to deliver an experience that gives their users exactly what they’re looking for. Informative, polished, relevant content is the best way to achieve this.  

Why should you care about Google? Well, according to Net Marketshare, Google is easily the world’s most popular search engine. It receives billions of searches every single day, and people trust it.  Consequently, if your site shows up on the first page — people will trust your site too.  

No doubt, if you reach one of the top organic spots in Google, you’ll inevitably receive more traffic to your site. This is every business’ primary goal.  

Content marketing is the most effective way to do this.

  1. It will drive more sales

As a business, you’ll more than likely be focused on sales. The idea of increasing your traffic is only appealing if it actually increases your sales.  

You don’t have to worry; content marketing definitely helps with sales too. 

Make no mistake, one blog post probably won’t drive in sales. People have to go through the buying process — with small products (like milk) this process is fast, but with more significant investments, it’s much longer. Depending on the product or service you’re selling, the time it takes for traffic to convert into sales will differ.  

However, content marketing can help speed up this process by increasing the relationship between business and customers. For example, creating blogs can help you put forward a friendly tone of voice, educate potential customers on your products, and generate familiarity.  

To summarize this point, content marketing will help initially bring customers to you. Over time, they will familiarize themselves with your brand and a relationship will develop, and then traffic will likely turn to sales.  It will also prevent them from turning towards competitors for products.  

This is much more effective than outbound leads like cold calling or direct mail. It also creates automatic sales, which basically means that potential partners will reach out to you for work.  

It’s this transformation from something which seems quite forced, to marketing which feels relaxed. The result is customers that want to buy from you, and trust you. That kind of relationship is priceless.  

  1. It’s much more effective than traditional types of marketing 

We touched on this briefly, but content marketing does work much better than most other forms of traditional marketing. A study showed that 84% of adverts on YouTube were skipped, with more and more people choosing to ignore direct commercials and adverts.  

With the popularizing of the internet, traditional forms of advertising don’t work as well. People will happily search for their product themselves, rather than being told what to buy by an advert.  

From this; things like blogs, online reviews and influencer marketing are much more productive. It allows customers to feel like they’re making the decision all for themselves.  

For example, if your brand publishes blogs about your product, review videos, and Instagram pictures, customers will begin to drive in. They will search for relevant products or content and come across your brand. This content allows your advertising to feel much less forced and will ultimately provide you with more sales.  

An example of this would be Hootsuite’s Game of Social Thrones YouTube Video. Not only did they appeal to fans of the popular television program, but they also attracted people to their services. It helped Hootsuite to gain an emotional connection with their potential customers, highlighting their creativity and dedication.  

  1. It will help grow your social media following 

It can be difficult to find content to build up your social media, and this is important in today’s world.  

Everything is online and social media plays such a big part in this. Especially since your customers and potential customers will follow you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Your videos and blogs will more than likely be shared on these platforms and from this they’ll become advocates for your brand.  

Keeping your content flowing will allow you to keep your social media pages busy, as well as to give you another platform to build a relationship with your customers.  

Growing your social media overtime will only create more and more benefits for your business. Including more sales, and increase brand awareness. With regular content, this is super easy to achieve.  

For example, every time you post a new blog, video or podcast, make sure to share it on all your platforms. Even creating infographics or memes will help to build up a strong online presence.  

It just proves that content marketing, as well as being accessible to all, also directly affects your other means of advertising. You should take advantage of the content that you regularly publish on your site.  


In its basic form, content marketing will bring attention to your brand and help build a relationship with your potential customers.  

When you dedicate time and invest in content marketing, you will be provided with a marketing service that drives in sales, grows social media following, and amplifies your brand awareness.  

So, how do you get started? Begin a blog, register for a YouTube account and create Infographics. You’ll slowly but surely start to see traffic making its way to your site. From this, you can start to market your products and services, increasing your sales and driving customer relationships. 

Linda Grandes
Linda Grandes is a former journalist who found her passion for blogging. She is a successful blogger at Linda is best-known for her marketing experiences and for the passion she puts in her writing pieces. She enjoys sharing her learnings with her readers and enjoys hearing success stories of her readers applying her tips and tricks on various areas.
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