3 mental health blogs to follow

3 Mental Health Blogs To Follow

Managing stress is a very important feature of mental health, and produces both clarity of mind, and bodily health. It’s also integral if you’re running a small to medium-sized business. You’re likely going to be working in a managerial capacity which requires both mental clarity, and calm leadership.

Clarity Of Mind, Health, And Reliable Leadership

If you’re too stressed, that won’t happen, and slight emotional outbursts could seriously impact your SMB’s bottom line. This is even more true as a freelancer. Have you ever had unfair demands leveled at you by diverse clientele, while simultaneously life tries to take a chunk out of you?

It’s painful, it’s not fun, and if you’re not careful, you very likely will make a serious mistake—and stress will be the culprit. With that in mind, here is a list of five stress-reduction tips. Something else that can help reduce stress involves regular exercise and proper diet. And there are more reasons than simple clarity of mind and leadership in small business or areas of freelance which recommend avoiding stress.

Scientific Considerations

Did you know if you’re too stressed, you’re actually going to age quicker? When you’re stressed, it reduces the telomerase at the end of your DNA. Telomerase makes up telomeres, and these basically hold your DNA together like tape holds the strands of string together which help your shoes stay tied. When that tape unravels, your shoestrings become frayed and useless.

When telomerase declines, your DNA starts unwinding similarly, and age begins to set in. Stress kills telomerase, and reducing it is fundamental to your personal health. But if you’re in a small business setting, stress is just part of the atmosphere. How can you get around it?

How can you keep your mind at a proper area of mental clarity and sustainability? Especially as a small business or freelancer, you need to know the relationship between mental health, science, and the current marketplace. Following are three mental health blogs to help you focus yourself, as well as a short segment about coming operational changes beginning to alter the market.

Mental Health

1: The Mighty

Real people who are dealing with legitimate mental health issues come against many stressful situations on a regular basis. The Mighty is a blog which follows these individuals, and can give you both hope and direction, as well as strategies to deal with that which may feel overwhelming—especially when your business picks up, or when you’ve got a heavy load of work as a freelancer.

Dealing with both yourself, employees, and clientele is something better accomplished through a healthy mental state, and understanding of the processes which influence people’s actions.

2: Mind

Mind is a blog based out of the UK which dedicates itself to, like The Mighty, telling personal stories, and also helping readers find strategies to deal with difficult mental health problems.

As a small business owner or a freelancer, you need to know what may be eating at you. You’re going to have troubles, and this is worth your consideration: seeing others go through it can help you, and can help you identify signs in coworkers, clients, employees, and business partners, allowing you to properly augment your business strategy.

3: Rethink

Rethink is a blog that encourages readers to look at mental health from another perspective. Sometimes that which develops into a mental disorder may have a hereditary link which is fostered through environmental conditions, sometimes it has to do with trauma, sometimes it has to do with stress—and sometimes, it has to do with fear of reprisal from figures in authority. If you own a small business, you may have felt a little “mental” over the recent healthcare changes as facilitated by the ACA.

ACA Considerations

Peace of mind is important for you as a business leader. As an individual entrepreneur, the same holds true. You should avoid unnecessary stress wherever possible, or at the very least do your best to reduce foreseeable stress. Health insurance has been stressing people for years due to the ACA, popularly known as Obamacare.

As a small business owner, though Obamacare has been undermined via tax reduction, it still has some hooks in businesses large and small throughout 2018. If you’re a business, you definitely want to ensure you’re in compliance. If you’re an individual, you may have some wiggle-room, but not much.

According to https://www.healthcare.com/, “…the tax bill enacted on December 22, 2017 ends the Obamacare penalty starting in 2019. You still need to have health insurance through 2018.” Ostensibly. Something else to consider is that the IRS dogs have been defanged, as it were, in terms of collection.

Man juggling everything!

Good Stress?

Many who skip healthcare will find themselves facing tax penalties, but some are going to fall through the cracks. Banking on falling through bureaucratic cracks as a small business or freelancer is a risky enterprise to say the least, but there are some who are just so inclined.

The safe bet is to get insurance or pay the fee. If you want to be risky, you can avoid insurance and the fee, and hope the penalty never falls on your operation, but that could put you and your employees at risk. Either way, in terms of Obamacare, we’re not out of the woods yet.

To be the least stressed, and the most mentally clear for proper leadership, it makes sense to just “play ball” with the government on this one for only one more year. In 2019, you’ll have some freed-up assets. There is such a thing as good stress. Working out, playing, pushing yourself—this is good.

For your business, it can be good to get financially creative for a period, so that when the “harvest” comes, you’re better prepared to utilize it. Accordingly, it makes sense to find some good mental health blogs, pay your Obamacare bills for one more year, and look forward to a more lucrative, profitable future.

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