Employed vs Self Employed

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Kelly Jane
Kelly Jane
Kelly is PeoplePerHour marketing expert. She has a wealth of experience in digital and social media marketing. As a freelancer, she has been committed in helping small businesses grow by offering them agile and result-driven marketing services.
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Gemma Rowlands
Gemma Rowlands

This is a great infographic, but there is a potential for self-employed people to be MORE stressed and take FEWER holidays, simply because of the fact that it is difficult to switch off and take time away from work. So you have to have your head in the right mindset, and stick to your schedule, or you leave yourself open to higher amounts of stress than if you could just clock off and go home at the end of each day.

Md. Istieak Ahmed
Md. Istieak Ahmed

Self-employment is the best employment

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