Product update: Introducing the Workstream Feed

Dear PPHers,

We are excited to announce two new features in your workstream that we hope will make your communication and use of the workstream much easier and more effective. The first new feature lets you view system messages in the workstream feed and the second one accommodates your request to reply to emails with workstream messages directly from your email client.

1. Workstream feed

If you visit any of your workstreams,  you will see a feed on the right-hand side that lists all system messages that you receive in your workstream.

By system messages we mean:

  1. All control messages based on user actions, as, for example, proposals, invoices, and auto pay requests. The control messages have an icon in front that is the same as the icon on the action button. For example, the setup auto pay button has a little clock in front and that is the icon that will also appear in the feed:
  2. All messages generated by our system, as, for example, buyer’s feedback, money deposited in your account, etc. All system messages have the following icon in front:

The only messages that are not included in the workstream feed are the ones that you exchange with each other.

Please note that this is the first step to separating the system from user messages in the workstream. As a next step, we will be introducing real-time chat that has long been requested by our community as well as filtering system messages based on type, e.g. invoices.

2. Reply to workstream messages from your email client

Once you receive a summary email from a workstream that includes messages from another user, then you can use your email client to reply to the messages. Your reply will be immediately added to the list of messages in the workstream! Note that the feature is available only in the summary email and not in the system messages or proposals and it only allows you to send text messages. In order to upload attachments, you will still need to visit the workstream.

Replying to workstream messages via your email client is another one of our new features that was requested by all of you in our forums.

As always, I would greatly appreciate your comments and thoughts on our new product features. Please feel free to add in your comments or any suggestions you have on how to improve your experience on PPH.

Kind regards,

Dimitris Koufakis
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Yogiraj Mishra
Yogiraj Mishra

Much needed feature.


Hi I think workstream feed is consuming unnecessary internet, takes unnecessary space on screens, adds extra time to page loads, and makes the overall view of workstreams too busy unlike the clean and simple old view. It is not a good idea at all and it has no uses. As I always say, there are far far more important things to be done on this website than to developing unnecessary and even awkward features. Instead of developing such useless features, definitely it would be better if you try to control spammers, clarification boards, underbidders, fake jobs, wasted proposal credits, wasted… Read more »

Philip Tucker
Philip Tucker

I totally agree with Faryad.

Dehan Nathaniel
Dehan Nathaniel

Changes are good. Thank you PPH.

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