Product Update: High Value label changed to Opportunity

Hello, PeoplePerHour community!

At PeoplePerHour we aim to continuously improve our product while providing the best available services helping you live your work dream.

We also understand that one of the most challenging tasks is to find projects that best fit your needs and that is why we believe that we should clear things up regarding our labels.

With that in mind, we have recently changed the label “High value” to “Opportunity”!

Using historical data, our machine learning algorithms predict that certain projects are more likely to generate high additional earnings during their lifetime. We label these projects as “Opportunity”. This will make it easier for our freelancers to distinguish them, so they can send proposals that represent an opportunity, which offer higher income, and are thus are more attractive. This small change is part of a wider effort from our end to be transparent and make PeoplePerHour a platform through which you can do business effortlessly.

Your feedback matters, therefore, let us know your thoughts about this upcoming change!

Do not hesitate to contact our customer support team here for more questions!

The PeoplePerHour Team

Natalie is PeoplePerHour Customer Experience Manager. Her customer service involvement started back in 2009 when she worked for Apple Inc. Now, she is closely working with our Product Team while her main purpose is to keep PeoplePerHour users happy and make sure they have the finest experience under our platform.
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Kieran Ball
Kieran Ball

So, in other words, PPH will now be charging 3 credits for any generic low paying jobs as well as those with budgets over £100.

Thanks for clearing that up.


And they have just changed the name from high Value too Opportunity which 99% of these projects are neither a Opportunity or of High Value.

Anthony Cowan
Anthony Cowan

This functionality does not work, its a complete rip off. Low value projects with a single £ are now costing 3 proposal credits. This is ridiculous … most of the time proposals are simply not responded to. I see this as simply a way for pph to increasingly monetise the bidding process.


Hi Natalie, Why not share the top line results for your algorithm, say for example, A £140 website that takes 20 hours to build, thats £7 an hour, very poor, if you get more work on this is it at £7 an hour? If so should the label not read, ” Danger, continual poor hourly rate likely” Or have you any data that shows, you know the stuff , empirical evidence that shows your low value jobs ever translate to commercial rates. We have but we re not showing lacks any credibility, so try and stay away from this, just… Read more »


if there are already 5-10 proposals before I apply on job. I can’t put cost ‘what i feel should be appropriate for this job’ it says we feel cost should be X so i am unable to send anything lower.
Please let me know solution for this ?

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