Find a freelancer and show your small business some love this Valentine’s Day

Finding the right freelancer for your small business is much like matchmaking. And, at PeoplePerHour, we love playing matchmaker! In fact, if your small business needs to find the perfect freelancer, you can just call us Cupid!

In 2018, we paired up thousands of buyers and freelancers and supported many small business owners to live their work dream.

So if your small business needs a little love this Valentine’s Day, then here’s our recommendations for a match made in heaven.

Find a freelance website designer

There’s nothing like a brand new look to attract the right customers. If your website is looking a little tired, or you’d love a brand new app to wow your customers, suppliers and colleagues, then hiring an app designer or freelance website designer is the perfect way to show your business some TLC. Find freelancers with great experience in website design and start driving customers to your website in no time!

Find a freelance video editor

Video makes the social media world go round. Did you know that mobile video usage increased by around 10 million daily viewing minutes in the last two years! What’s more, it’s predicted that a whopping 82% of all consumer internet traffic will be video by 2021.*

If you’re not yet using video to promote your business online, you could be seriously missing out on getting new customers through your doors. Hire a freelance video editor from PeoplePerHour and let’s get that camera rolling!

* Data sourced from

Find the best freelance business support

Business support comes in all shapes and sizes. From funding and business plan consultants, to chartered accountants, virtual assistants and help desk freelancers, having a contingency plan in place to help you navigate those business peaks can be huge time saver. Visit PeoplePerHour and hire freelancers to support your business, fast and on a budget!

Find a freelance salesperson

Even with the rise of social media, online advertising, and digital marketing, there’s nothing quite like the human touch when it comes to attracting new customers. A great salesperson can make that all-important difference between your new client signing on the dotted line or leaving you for your competitors.

With a freelance salesperson on your side, they can help to persuade your customers that your product or service is exactly what they need!

Find a freelance social media expert

If your small business is struggling to make an impact on social media, then a freelance social media expert could be just what you need. Social media specialists know how to tap into the right audience, how to cleverly convert your fans and followers into paying customers, and how to portray your business in the very best possible light.

In a digital age where social presence is everything, if your business is not on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, then you’re probably missing out! Find your perfect social media expert with PeoplePerHour.

Freelance matchmaking facts from PeoplePerHour

In 2018, 113,421 unique matches were created from freelancers and buyers working together on thousands of projects. Make sure your business finds it’s perfect match this year.

Libby is a seasoned freelance writer with a background in HR and careers advice. She manages the day-to-day social media and blog content for PeoplePerHour. When she’s not working, you can almost always find her spending as much time as possible with her two rescue dogs.
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