Working from Home – 15 Productivity Tips

If you’re fed up with the morning commute to work and back, maybe it’s time to try working from home. Switching between certain working-style procedures would surprisingly boost your productivity and bestow best results. The advent of internet-facilitated remote working has brought an immense change in the working patterns of people across the globe. This has been made possible thanks to a large extent of team collaboration tools. A wide range of business chat apps with diverse features are widely available in the market today for easy collaboration – even with the remote workforce.

It’s no easy feat working from home, without a dip in your productivity. It calls for a high degree of discipline, time management and the ability to insulate yourself from the homely environment.Working from home implies you need to transpose yourself to office mode without stepping out from the confines of residence. It comes out of practice and a determined effort to turn out your best, even while discharging your duties from home.

Read on for a low down of the various techniques that could help you to know how to be productive at home and enjoy both worlds of work and home at the same time.

1. Stay Focused

It’s obvious there are many distractions from your close associates at home. Additionally, multimedia and social media are big spoilsports. It calls for extra perseverance to rise above these distractions. Make it a point to draw a line between professional priorities and personal pamperings. The more determined you are, the better the outcome would be….

2. Plan your work schedule

Schedule your work based on delivery timelines. Maintain a to-do list to break your work into a number of small tasks with a reminder set on each task to alert you on the status. You can always connect with your immediate team to have better clarity on the work schedules that you have planned on any given day. Those who organise their work routines can deliver on-time quality services!

3. Prioritise your work

Don’t be fazed with the volume of work, sitting on your desk, to be cleared. It would be great to prioritise the work according to task delivery deadlines. Once you finish your task as per your to-do list, strike it off in your handbook or change the task status to completed and move on to the next one. Understand the complexity of the task to make the priority!

4. Set-up the right ergonomics

A right posture at work is as good as the right tool when at work. Our plug and play workspaces define well-designed ergonomics to ensure a stress-free working environment. More or less, it is ideal to dedicate a room with the best ergonomically designed products such as chairs and computer desks when you are working for extended hours of time at your home. Though they are a bit expensive, they’re worth buying for a healthy body posture!

5. Ensure an uninterrupted network

The basic essential is to have an uninterrupted internet connection to be a part of the team, client and top management meetings. Ensure you have a strong network signal strength to download high-end data files. Be it image files, text files, audio or video, the complete downloads will enable you to understand your team’s requirements. Choose the best and affordable internet service providers in your town to have a seamless work from home-office routine.

6. Stay Connected with your team

Working from home does not necessarily mean that you are absent from office meetings. Actively participate in all the kick-off morning meetings to understand the team and team managers requirement for the day. Stay tuned in to your office collaboration tool to receive any work-related updates on time. Keep your team informed when you are out of work in case of any personal emergency at home. Communicate with the team at regular intervals to clear the skies on the task related complexities if any. Ultimately its the teamwork which brings laurels to the company!

7. Choose the right office collaboration tool

While working from home, it is crucial that you have a good office or collaboration tool for all seamless team interactions. This facility enables you to stay in touch with the team with a wide range of collaboration features such as one-on-one messaging, voice/video calls, screen sharing, and audio messaging. Having the concept of screen sharing would be a great benefit as you can share your or your team’s screen for any work-related issues.

8. Transparency is key

You are under more scrutiny when you work from home by your immediate reporting manager or team leads. Most of the time they expect to see you online to understand how effectively you are at working on the tasks which have been allocated to you. Sometimes it would be a better option to send the completed tasks right away once they are finished from your end. Ensure you finish all the tasks and be ready to submit your work along with the end of day report. This is where you can find and understand the discrepancies of your work and working style if any.

9. Save your work in Cloud

One essential tip for success would be saving your work in the cloud. Sometimes, you may have power interruptions at your home that can hamper your work, and there could be a loss of data if you don’t ensure to have good back-up systems. In order to address such kind of issues, it is better to choose an online productivity tool that saves your work directly to the drive.

10. Take scheduled breaks

You are entitled to have scheduled breaks as you take them, much like at your office. Our energy gets totally drained out if we continuously look into the monitor for a number of hours or more. In return, this affects our work productivity at a larger level.
In accordance with your eating and drinking routines, have a cup of fresh coffee or tea to refresh yourself from tight work schedules.

11. Stay Motivated

Long working hours might exhaust and run you down. But eventually, it is your responsibility to meet your target deadlines and meet your client requirements in time. Stay motivated and focused, listen to some soothing music, walk around your place for some time, perform meditation, dabble in occasional banter, catch up with the latest on internet, etc.. By implementing such hacks, one can be productive working at home!

12. Finish off all your household work routines before you start work.

It is strictly advised to finish off your daily household routines early in the morning before you start your office work. If you move here and there to get the household things done, you will end up in a big mess by the time of the end of the day. You can’t deliver quality work to your teams when your mind is occupied with many distractions.
Be determined to stay focused!

13. Stay out of Mobile phones and social media

Have your phone beside you, but don’t hang on to it. Keep it on silent or vibration mode to not get distracted from your work. Attend calls in case of an emergency to ensure your reachability to friends or family. Change the status of your Whatsapp or Facebook to work from home to make your family and friends understand the priority of your work.

14. Binge on some good food

Food, one of the basic essentials of our life! Take a timely course of 3 meals a day to stay energetic as your brain consumes more to keep you active. Nibble on some healthy snacks to relieve yourself from boredom. Eat salads, fruits, consume juices and water to keep you hydrated when you sit and work for longer hours.

15. Learn to enjoy working from home.

The last but the most important tip above all is, you should enjoy your working from home routine to ensure a productive work outcome. In the case where you choose to work from home as your full-time career, you must understand the importance of it to keep your career going on.


You need to be highly motivated and focused if you choose to work from home as a full-time career option. You should also be motivated – because of the plethora of cosy opportunities to relax, and distractions at home may be one too many. Ultimately, whether you work from an office or a remote place, your productivity is what speaks of you. Put your best foot forward by following the above to stay focused towards achieving your work delivery deadlines.

Mohsin Ansari
Mohsin is a Marketing Manager at Troop Messenger - a business messenger that comes with all the requisite features. It is a viable Collaboration Software that is spreading its wings across all industries by bringing all the internal communication at one place. Mohsin is accountable for analyzing the market trends, demographics, and dealing with all promotional and media channels. Connect with me on Linkedin.
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