what's it like to be a freelancer under the sun

What’s it like to work as a digital nomad? Freelancer under the sun.

Suitcase, check. Sun cream, check. Laptop, check.

Summer is here and, for the first time, I’m about to freelance under the sun.

Realising I am almost 30 and have never worked remotely, apart from my tiny apartment, makes me nervous. My brother keeps reassuring me that ‘you’ll be fine’ but I honestly feel my tummy burning; my last name is Super Anxious Person. I’ve been chatting with other freelancers, enquiring about their experience working 1404 miles away from home, and all of them have literally jumped from excitement while unfolding their stories to me.

“Well, Super Anxious Person, you have the beach right under your feet. What else can you ask for?“

Some peace and quiet. What if a client calls me in the middle of my so-called, swim break?

“No worries, they understand.”

10:36 AM and I feel a cool summer breeze enfolding my body as soon as I get off the plane. It feels nice, indeed. But, because Super Anxious Person always wears a watch, I remind myself that I have a skype call with my client in an hour; I need an internet connection asap and my Spanish is terrible.

Two hours later I am still stuck in the small cafe I found, fighting with a shaky internet connection. Skype fails, my client gets upset and oh, this is bad.

“Can you hear me, Myriam?”

No, I can’t and I am sorry and I should have stayed in my tiny apartment. I turn to the cafe owner who is staring at me while I walk with my laptop around his cafeteria to find a stable internet connection. No point, he says, internet bad here, go to the beach bar across the street. Beach what? I have no choice and I run across the street. The so-called beach bar is empty. I ask for the wifi password and I finally get to talk with my client. Phew.

I conclude that this beach bar is my only connection to the online world, therefore, I order an orange juice and open InDesign again.

And, weirdly enough, I can work. My mind is calmer and my mood has changed. I am productive in a way I could never imagine. I get two small swim breaks and grab something to eat. People, mostly tourists, gather around and within minutes the beach bar is packed. But nobody seems to bother anybody and I love it.

And without even realizing it I’ve completed my two days deadline while listening to Twist and Shout.

Freelance under the sun – we sure are lucky to be able to do it. Don’t you agree?

Natalie is PeoplePerHour Customer Experience Manager. Her customer service involvement started back in 2009 when she worked for Apple Inc. Now, she is closely working with our Product Team while her main purpose is to keep PeoplePerHour users happy and make sure they have the finest experience under our platform.
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thats great…!

Cosma Adrian
Cosma Adrian

loved it!!

Humayun Ehtisham
Humayun Ehtisham

I don’t know.. because I’m same like you..
I have never left my apartment either and work somewhere else.
But yes we have a free-will to work remotely wherever we want. 😎
I will try something like this. 😊


Awesome post

Shalom Sigworth
Shalom Sigworth

A well-engaging tale of a troubled freelancer becoming a tranquilled digital nomad. Very interesting!!! This story is yet another proof for how molehiles can become milestones if we take action. This Interesting post made my day. I too can relax and do the magic of molehiles to milestones. Cheers!!!


hi.. thank you for your blogs..provided a great help

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