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Top Wellness Tips for a Healthy Work-Life Balance

The first week of October (1st – 5th) is National Work-Life Week — a week for employers across the UK to show how they provide a healthy work-life balance for their staff. The trouble is, when you run a small business or you’re a self-employed freelancer, you don’t have an employer to help you to achieve a healthy work-life balance.

When you work for yourself the lines can often become blurred between home and work. Many sole traders and small business owners simply don’t make enough time to look after themselves and that is not only bad for your health but can be bad for business!

Here are five wellness tips to help you strike a healthy work-life balance.

Plan your day

Are you a morning person or do you do your best work after dark?

Although being self-employed can mean working longer hours, it can also afford a bit of flexibility in your routine. If you struggle to wake up properly without eight cups of coffee before 10am, then start the day a bit later.

Alternatively, if you’re an early riser and at your most productive before anyone else is even out of bed — great! All of your routine jobs can be cleared away nice and early.

The best way to plan your working day is to have a planner in front of you, either on-screen on in a physical diary. If you juggle multiple client jobs then be sure that each one receives your full attention by segmenting your day into easily digestible chunks. Being highly organised with your diary means nothing is forgotten. And, at the end of the day, you can completely switch off without worrying you’ve forgotten to do that important task.

Create a workspace that works for you

Your workspace is where you spend most of your working day, so make it work for you! Make sure your screens are at a comfortable height and you have a chair that suits your needs. A comfortable and ergonomic workspace is a must-have for those who spend a great deal of time at their desks.

Don’t skip the gym

Hands up who has a gym membership that they haven’t used in weeks. It’s so easy to skip the gym. Especially on colder mornings when you look out of the window and it’s belting it down with rain.

Exercising for just 30-45 minutes three times a week could significantly:

  • Boost your mood
  • Increase your levels of productivity
  • Help you lose weight
  • Reduce your risk of chronic disease
  • Help you sleep better

The benefits of regular exercise are endless. And, the gym isn’t the only thing you can do to support your health. Going for a 30-minute walk at lunchtime or doing half an hour of Yoga during the day is also incredibly beneficial.

Take a break

Even the most die-hard workaholics need to take a break sometimes. A healthy work-life balance is not possible if all you do is work. Take some time away from your screen, plan a weekend away, have a holiday. Most people find that even a short break away from work will help them be more creative and productive when they return.

Live your work dream

Most importantly, do what you love. Doing a job you hate, even if you work for yourself, can have a destructive effect on your mood, your productivity, and your relationships with others. If you don’t enjoy your work, then it’s time to consider living your work dream and outsourcing the bits you hate to talented experts or finding projects you love to do!

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Libby is a seasoned freelance writer with a background in HR and careers advice. She manages the day-to-day social media and blog content for PeoplePerHour. When she’s not working, you can almost always find her spending as much time as possible with her two rescue dogs.
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