10 social media tools for freelance social media managers

Creating social media content without using the best social media tools, is a tough task. Social media needs to be done both creatively and regularly. Managing social media in the age of networking and rapid data sharing is no longer just about regular updates. People demand interesting content.

Getting bored with a company’s social media content often means getting bored with its services as well. Social media management is now an essential part of a brand’s image and can jumpstart a brand’s popularity or completely sink it.

Social media freelancer? Discover the best social media tools

Social media specialists have social media tools at their disposal, which can help with keeping people engaged and saving time. And, a lot of them are specifically designed for SMM strategy optimization. They solve problems that every SMM specialist encounters, from designing social media posts to creating visual materials that keeps users engaged.

These are the best social media tools for 2019

1. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo social media tool

BuzzSumo is a must-have social media tool used in content marketing and SEO campaigns. It offers an impressive number of solutions designed for analyzing your content’s performance. It analyzes anything relatable to your brand; content research and brand monitoring, competitors, links and keywords.

BuzzSumo helps to maximize your Facebook engagement by offering data on popular posts and for any given topic. It also interacts with Quora and monitors questions most asked by users on different forums and platforms. In addition, it helps to find influencers most suitable for promoting your content.

2. Crello

Crello social media tool

Crello is a free social media tool that helps to create your own social media posts. It has drafts for all types of media – printed materials, online ads and much more. All in all, there are 40 different formats of initial design that can be customized to suit certain needs.

Crello also offers animation and various tutorials on how to best use the software to create, for example, an animated ad. The tool is free of charge, however, the more intricate Crello Pro version offers animated designs and templates for creating Instagram Stories for a small monthly fee.

3. Deposit Photos

Deposit Photos social media tool

Deposit Photos is one of the best collections of visual images on the Internet. It offers a large number of stock photos, royalty-free images and vector art at affordable prices. High-quality images are an invaluable tool in creating engaging visual content. Adding images can make your content more appealing since an image is more likely to catch somebody’s eye than plain text. A very helpful social media tool for freelancers and digital agencies alike!

4. Lumen5

Lumen5 social media tool

This is a revolutionary social media tool that transforms blog posts or offline text documents into videos. With it, you can enter the link to an article or upload a document and Lumen5 will start building a video based on your text. It also has an extensive media library with thousands of free videos, photos and audio files that can be integrated as well. Moreover, it works like video editing software; optimizing resolution, aspect ratio and letterbox style to fit a chosen format. And, it offers branding options to align your video with your brand.

5. Videoshop

Videoshop social media tool

If you edit and publish videos all the time, VideoShop is a free social media tool/application with in-app purchases designed for video editing. It’s available on multiple platforms, including App Store, Google Play and Microsoft. This tool is suitable both for beginners and for professionals working with video editing.

With this app, you can cut, copy, paste or merge videos, add music, voiceovers, text or images to your video, apply filters or animated features. You can also reverse, flip and rotate your video or put it in slow motion. This app is great for adding final editions to already existing video or combining videos to create exclusive content.

6. Google Photos

Google photos social media tool

Google Photos is another tool for creating and sharing visual images and videos. It offers a bunch of functions to help you share your photos with other people. This is a very useful feature for a social media tool, especially when working on large projects with other team members. Worth mentioning that with Google Photos, you also get Assistant Cards, which provide suggestions for grouping your photos into albums. And Intelligent Search, which is based on AI and allows you to search for pictures based on their category.

7. Typeform

Typeform social media tool

One of the ways to create contagious content is to make sure that it will be well received by customers. So why not add direct interaction to your content with Typeform. This app creates polls, forms, quizzes, surveys and many more. And, it’s used by prominent companies such as Uber and Apple because it has turned data collection into an engaging and pleasant experience. Typeform’s distinct feature is creating dynamic forms that take into account the specific needs of the users. Having a free plan in this social media tool will be just enough if you are not overwhelmed with clients.

8. Playbuzz

Playbuzz social media tool

This is another online platform that allows the creation of interactive content such as lists, videos, slideshows, polls, or countdowns. Playbuzz identifies itself as a platform for interactive storytelling. With it, you can create exclusive content that will unfold in a form of a creative story. Bringing the element of the game into your content will help you distinguish your brand from the others and motivate your customers to share it.

9. Podbean

Podbean social media tool

Podbean is a free podcast hosting platform that not only offers to host your podcast for free but allows publishing, managing and promoting it as well. Its user-friendly interface does not require any previous programming knowledge. More than that, the platform offers free guidelines on how to attract an audience and make your podcast successful. If podcasting is a vital part of your marketing strategy you need this social media tool!

10. Nimbus Capture

Nimbus capture social media tool

And finally, Nimbus Capture is the screenshot and screen video recorder that can be used, for example, to create software tutorials for your users. This type of content can be later added as a supporting element to your social media posts to make the content more educational.

Social media tools to effectively manage time and projects

All in all, managing several social media accounts requires creativity, time and effort. But it is totally possible using the additional social media tools, even for people who do not have a creative bone in their body. Moreover, these tools can help you to develop better social media skills. For instance, by using online graphics and animation editors, which provide templates made by professional designers, you get used to the right combinations of colors and fonts. And, while exploring popular posts, you grasp the overall shape and tone of that type of contagious content that garner most of the readers’ attention.

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Eugine Dychko
Eugine Dychko is a marketing manager at Crello. She has 7 years of experience in marketing and content writing and a strong understanding of social media techniques. Eugine is passionate about providing insight into the latest trends of the visual industry and online advertising.
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