How to Get the Most Out of Negative Feedback Being a Freelancer

No one feels good about negative feedback. When you have done your best and someone still doesn’t seem to appreciate, it feels as if someone breaks your heart a bit. Negative client feedback is the worst part of being a freelancer.

‘’I’ve been working as a freelancer for quite a while before I started this job. When you are a freelancer, you are on your own. This makes you rather exposed to criticism and on a daily basis. If you chose this career for yourself, it is time to get used to it.’’ – says Joanna Craft, content writer at Aussie writings.

How does one get used to being criticized for work they are highly proud of? Over time, you can teach yourself how to accept criticism and care enough for your career to become a bit more detached. Here are some things you can do to protect your feelings and your ego:

Take Your Time and Process the Feedback

You and your client may not share the same opinion about what your product should look like. When faced with negative feedback, it is easy to become frustrated and defensive.

Step aside from the computer a bit. Remove yourself from the job you have performed and think only about the feedback. This will help you process the information your client shared, calm down, and get back to respond with grace.

Just move on with it. Client feedback is essential for your reputation, and high reputation is the only way to maintain a career as a freelancer. Thank your client for their feedback, and get back to work.

Learn to Communicate Better

In most cases, these differences in opinions about a project or product can be easily solved by communicating. Why risk getting bad feedback, when you can hammer out the exact vision your client has before you start working?

Try to understand exactly what your client wants you to do. Ask as many questions if you think are necessary. Your client should appreciate your attention to detail and will be glad to see such dedication.

How to Get the Most Out of Negative Feedback Being a Freelancer - Olivia Ryan

Make Difficult Clients Feel Like They are in Control of the Product

You will be working on the product yourself, but when working with a difficult client, give them something to make them feel like they make all the choices. Provide them with several, small options to let them feel more included. If you do, they may be less demanding and nit-picky afterwards.

Stop Taking It Personally

You can be the best freelancer there is and still, clients can be nasty and mean and simply give you bad feedback out of spite. This is unfair, but you must stop taking it personally!

As a freelancer, you will get rejected and criticized sometimes. It is the inevitable burden of being a freelancer, and it can often be unrealistic.  We all take pride in our work, especially when we put our heart and soul into completing it.

When your client is the one who is actually at fault and not you, try not to take their feedback personally. Instead, focus on making them happy to attain that high feedback others can see. And if you can’t make them happy, give up on it. Your feedback does not only consist of what one client says. If you are good, this feedback will get lost somewhere in the middle.

Create Your Own Revision Policy and Share It Beforehand

Some clients are so demanding and annoying, they may get carried away with asking for revisions. Make sure you have a set provision after several revisions and share it with the client while discussing the project. In this way, you can reject their criticism and demands when they cross the line.

Focus on Other Opportunities

At some point or another, you will be rejected by a client. They may give you a reason or not. Whichever is the case, stop torturing yourself by worrying why this happened. Perhaps they chose someone else who they believe was a better fit or decided to give up on the project.

You can never know the answers for sure. Focus on other opportunities instead. The more opportunities you find, the higher the odds you have to succeed.

How to Get the Most Out of Negative Feedback Being a Freelancer - Olivia Ryan

It Only Takes One Acceptance

Do not give up when someone rejects you. Keep trying to find a client who will appreciate your good work. Once you find the right one, this acceptance will make up for all the rejections you received before.

Learn from the Negative Feedback

If clients keep giving you negative feedback, you may be doing something wrong. Regardless of the situation, there is always room for improvement for everyone.

Every once in a while, check the negative feedback and learn from this experience. There may be some things you can improve in future to help the projects run without any problems.

Do you have any other method for dealing with negative feedback? Share your advice below!

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