7 Online Tools for Lifelong Learning

Right now the timing couldn’t be better for lifelong learners to grasp as much new information as they can. Thanks to the Internet, it has become so easy to access every book, every article and every piece of information in general.

All students will confirm that the importance of the use of the Internet for educational purposes is undeniable. They enjoy the Internet’s flexibility, accessibility, and versatility, and it makes the studying process much easier.

Even after graduation and after entering the work market, people continue to enjoy the perks of the Internet to continue their learning and improve their knowledge. The abundance of the information on the Internet can sometimes get you overwhelmed, so you need to know where exactly you can find what you need.

So if you’re a lifelong learner and constantly on the hunt for new exciting information to read and improve your knowledge, here are seven essential tools for you to get educated.


With the age of the Internet came the time of the free education, and Coursera is here to offer you the best online courses from the top universities throughout the world. Among popular courses, you can find “The Science of Well-Being” from Yale University and “Machine Learning” narrated by a professor from Stanford.

In the age of globalization, distance learning course options get more popular every year. Already in 2013 only in the US over 5 million students enrolled in online courses, and the numbers continue growing every year. With online sources like Coursera learning has never been so easy.


This is yet another platform with many online courses available. However, what makes edX special is that it was founded by Harvard University and MIT, and continues to be financed by the universities and colleges that cooperate with this platform.

EdX is a nonprofit source and a leading provider of free courses and training. If you decide to use this platform and take a certain course, the quality is guaranteed. You can either search by course or by subject to find what you’re interested in. Either way, this is a great tool for lifelong learners.


There’s no doubt that the knowledge of a foreign language will help you further your career. This is like earning extra points for your test. It’s always beneficial and characterizes you as a well-educated and open-minded person.

If you’ve always wanted to learn or continue learning a foreign language but didn’t have the right tools to do it, Duolingo is here to help you. It offers online courses for over 30 languages, and if you’ve already learned a certain foreign language, you can take a placement test and keep up where you left off. It also comes as an app for your smartphone so you can learn on the go!


For a lifelong learner, it’s essential to have a flexible tool to take notes while reading something. But using the standard Microsoft Word for copying articles and taking notes isn’t always convenient.

Evernote is a great tool for note-taking and keeping everything in one place. “I’ve been using Evernote since college”, says Evan Mitchell, a writer at college-paper.org. “It’s very easy to use and has a lot of great features for people like me, who are thirsty for knowledge!”

Evernote helps you make your studying process smarter. You can create notes with links, attachments, audio recordings, videos and so on. It’s a very versatile and useful tool.

Project Gutenberg

Having a good online library at hand is essential for lifelong learners. Project Gutenberg offers over 5000 free eBooks, from the classics of literature to the textbooks on specific subjects. The quality of the books is impeccable and it doesn’t need and registration.

This source is a must-need for all lifelong learners. It’s also one-of-a-kind: here you can find very old books, for which copyright has expired. It’s truly a treasure for bookworms.


TED is an online resource with videos of lectures from world’s famous educators and influencers. Here you can listen to the professionals giving their opinions on different subjects and expand your knowledge.

TED also has several related channels on YouTube, one of which is TED-Ed that offers online lessons on various subjects including history, science, philology and many more, and can be interesting for children as well.

Wolfram Alfa

This computational intelligence tool was created to satisfy your thirst for knowledge. It’s designed as an online search engine that helps you find primary sources on many subjects divided by spheres. Instead of just giving you a web-page, it offers you a source that answers your specific needs. This is a great way to improve your knowledge of a certain subject and support it with a scientific data.

Never stop learning…

Continuing our education is an important part of our social life. It expands our outlook and satisfies our curiosity. Lifelong learning and education are hence very beneficial both for our careers and social life. Hopefully, these tools will become essentials for you in your journey to find new exciting knowledge.

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Nancy Spektor
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