Freelancer Success Story: Meet CERT 5 freelancer, Biplab – “Patience is key!”

Meet Biplab, a CERT 5 freelancer who has helped many small and medium businesses grow through PPC services.

Tell us a bit about yourself. How did you get into freelancing?

The start was a bit quirky in my case. People often start freelancing after a job or two but I got into freelancing in my third year at engineering college in 2015. The independence as a freelancer attracted me the most and I started in the field of content writing. But with the writing skills of an engineer, it did not turn out be quite well!

Then I developed skills in PPC management: Google AdWords, Google Shopping, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads and many more, the list is unending!

I run a PPC agency Oxedent to help businesses grow and enhance their sales with our planned marketing strategies.

What was your previous job before deciding to go freelance?

I never really had one! I got into freelancing during the final year of my engineering. I searched a few freelancing platforms and started working with some of them. I loved the idea of freelancing and the independent nature of it. No one would lean on my shoulder, no demanding bosses, targets for work under pressure does not work at all.

I always had the goal of working alongside my studies and finally, in the final year of college, I found myself a place where work meets comfort! Also, I did not have to rely anymore on the pocket money for I can earn my own.

How did you come across PeoplePerHour?

I was working with various freelancing sites when I came across the website of PeoplePerHour while trawling the net. It acted as an avenue for me to expand my reach out to the world and find potential clients. I started working for PeoplePerHour in June 2017 and it was a turning point in my career as well as my life.

What was your first job like on PeoplePerHour?

Initially, it was tough for me to get a job, for no one knew me that well on the platform but the constant support of PeoplePerHour motivated me to stick with it. After a while, I got my first job for Google AdWords Campaign Management for a law firm. The company was a London based one and I earned £60 from my gig. The client got a 200% ROI and I got a great review from my first job. And this kicked off more work on PeoplePerHour and since then I’ve never looked back.

What is a typical day like for you?

I am not so much of an early bird, I confess! I get up around eight in the morning and the first thing I do is checking my emails. The daily chores follow and I finish my cooking for the day! I reach my office at 10 am, which is in walking distance from my place. My work schedule ends at around 9 pm and after that I shop for groceries or veggies on the way back home.

How does freelancing compare to a 9-5?

Well, fortunately, I’ve never had a 9-5 job. I hate being bossed over and as a freelancer, I’m my own boss. I have more than 100 clients of my own and have been able to conquer the 5th position in PeoplePerHour in terms of Google AdWords Management. I hate office politics and have been lucky enough not to be a part of it. Jobs do not allow you to be yourself and you cannot get to learn outside your designated area but as a freelancer, I got to know and learn as well as experience various fields of digital marketing. Freelancing is all about exposure to me!

What benefits have you found by using PeoplePerHour?

The number of benefits in using PeoplePerHour is unending. Some of the benefits are the same as other freelancing platforms but there is something special about PeoplePerHour. Like the feature Offers and the Escrow payments which are not available anywhere else. The security procedure is extremely reliable for both the freelancer and the buyer. My greatest benefit from PeoplePerHour is my CERT rank; I’m now just a step away from the Top CERT.

On a personal front, PPH has helped me build my confidence on the greater level. It worked like an angel to me whenever I needed some jobs.

What does your future hold?

With PeoplePerHour, my goal is to reach the TOP CERT level. After freelancing individually, I’m now freelancing as an agency. Also, I want to explore more niches of the digital marketing sphere. I am not ready to retire at a certain age. Work is a passion for me and I like to continue it as long as I can.

What are your top five tips for freelancers who are new to PeoplePerHour?

  • You should have a good profile and include as many skills as possible in it. Also, provide suitable samples for backing up your profile. You can attach some case studies of your of your past works.
  • Patience is the key to your success. You may get impatient and depressed when not getting jobs immediately but you need a little time to build trust with buyers. Once it is done, you will get a flow of work.
  • Never ask your clients for direct contact (such as Skype, email, etc). Also, do not ever ask your clients for payment directly to your account as this is against PeoplePerHour rules.
  • Try to deliver your work two days before the date of delivery. If not two, try to deliver at least 24 hours before the delivery time. Ask for a feedback from each of your clients, for more the good reviews, the better reputation you will get.
  • Post as many Offers as you can to get more visibility. The more offers you provide, it is possible that you will get more jobs.

 What are your top five tips for your particular role?

  • Pay attention to your clients’ PPC campaign. Regular monitoring is necessary for the PPC campaigns.
  • Always try to focus on the clients’ ROI (return on investment). The more the ROI, the more the sales is brought to the clients’ table. You will gain more chances of client retention as well as you can get a lot of referral jobs.
  • Try to understand your clients’ requirements and the type of business model the company has. Also, comprehend the target audience and clients’ marketing objectives for a wrong campaign can be fatal to the clients’ business as well as your reputation on PeoplePerHour.
  • Take your client through the activities you are performing for his PPC management and conduct regular discussions and also try to your client understand the importance of each step and the outcome of it on his business. Talk about the pros and cons of the works done by you for his business campaigns.
  • Be transparent with your clients with reporting. Try to keep in touch with the client on a daily basis and discuss with him the upcoming activities you are going to opt for.

If you were an animal, which one would you be and why?

Elephant! Do not think of my size. It’s because of the attentiveness towards my clients, my communication skills with the buyers and my passion to stand ahead of my competitors.

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Patience is the key indeed! Without patience one can’t achieve anything, we have to be patient and hope things work properly. I syarted freelancing a year ago and i haven’t make much from it. Bloggingscooe cares

Tanisha Chatterjee
Tanisha Chatterjee

I am very motivated by your story.
Hard work and perseverance is indeed the key of success.

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