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Freelancer story: “Work Hard. It Pays Off.”

Each year, 20 June marks the effort of freelancers, who have made the brave choice to work for themselves. National Freelancers Day was set up by IPSE – Association of Independent Professionals and Self Employed – in 2008, and has been celebrated annually since.

We love celebrating the success of our freelance community, showcasing the best talent that PeoplePerHour has to offer, none more so than on National Freelancers Day which occurs this Thursday 20 June 2019.

Meet Joreld, our Albanian-based Top Cert Graphic Designer and Freelance Newcomer of 2019.

1. What’s your story/background history?

My name is Joreld, I live and work in Tirana, Albania.
I studied Civil Engineering at the University of Tirana and even though my studies are completely different from what I currently do, I initially started out with a part-time job at an architecture studio while studying. That’s where I got my first introduction to design: interior design, industrial design and eventually, graphic design. Not only for its fast results but also because it gives a lot of freedom to create something new. After three years of working for local clients, I’m more focused on expanding my knowledge and learning new techniques to improve what I create.

2. What services or products do you provide as a freelancer?

My services include most design services required in today’s market: logos, brand identity, motion graphics, UI/UX design, and 3D work. I try to provide clients with everything they need for their brand. I also have a good network to help me and my clients with services I cannot provide myself. I’m open to providing my clients with all they need but I still continue to work in my specialised field.

3. How did you get started as a freelancer?

While volunteering at TEDxTirana, I worked for local clients while also undertaking a full-time job. One day, a friend suggested PeoplePerHour and I decided to apply online and reach out to more prospective clients online. I now work with people all over the world as well as getting to know new cultures.

4. What was your previous job before freelancing?

I used to work at an architecture studio. I still have a full-time job but I use my spare time in working as a Seller with PeoplePerHour and completing freelance jobs, as and when they come in. My goal is to eventually go full-time as a freelancer which will enable me to travel around the world and have more interesting experiences.

5. What does a typical working day look like for you?

I wake up at 7-7:30am every day, check my emails to see if I received anything during the night (working with people in different time zones makes my job itinerary variable and flexible for both sides).
After breakfast, I make my morning commute on my bike to get to work for 8:30am until 17:30, generally my working day involves answering client messages. If I have no plans after work I head home to work on design projects or apply for new jobs which I can complete over the next few days. On average, I work around 12 hours a day between full-time and freelance jobs but I also make sure to keep a work-life balance and dedicate time to physical activity or hanging out with friends.

6. What’s the strangest freelance assignment you’ve ever been given?

I was asked once just to flip an image from portrait to landscape, it took me 2 seconds. It can’t be that easy? But the client wanted just that and I still can’t believe I got paid just for doing that!

7. What has been your favourite story as a freelancer so far?

When I got my first review on my profile after completing my first job. I’ve received many more reviews since but the first one encouraged me to continue on as a Freelancer.

8. What does your freelance future hold?

I now have some regular monthly clients that I work for but also a lot of past clients that come back for other services. My objective is to be able to financially support my living costs and to be able to travel while still keeping my work routine. I’ve had a great start and I’m working hard to expand my skills and my client base.

9. What are your top tips for new freelancers?

  • Be patient.
  • Be positive and respond to everyone who shows interest in you and your work.
  • Work hard. It pays off.
  • As you work you should never stop learning. You must learn new skills everyday.
  • Be humble.

10. Do you have any tips on writing client quotes or bidding for work?

I’m subscribed to a blog called Fulltime Nomad, and get regular tips on how to develop a successful career by going freelance. The advice I take from the Blog is: Try to avoid talking too much about yourself and your work but instead write a tip, or an idea how would you do the specific work you are applying for. This will make the client immediately perceive you as the solution to his “problem” and you’ll have more chances to get that job.

11. Tell us a secret about yourself…

I’m a big sleeper, not an early bird, but neither a night owl. I work a lot during the day, but I like to sleep at the same time and wake up at the same time, even on my weekends. I believe that having a very well organised plan for the day also depends on the quality/quantity of sleeping.

12. Is there anything else that you’d like to share with PeoplePerHour freelancers and clients?

We are lucky to have such platforms as PeoplePerHour that make work opportunities happen online across the globe. It’s something that many years ago would not have been possible. PeoplePerHour provides a variety of solutions to suit client needs and provides many possibilities for Freelancers to be financially independent.

If you have a great story to tell — either as a PeoplePerHour freelancer or business that’s been supported by the brilliant talent on — then we’d love to hear it! Get in touch at

Fiona Callanan
Fiona is a Content and Community Manager at PeoplePerHour. She has 5 years experience in content creation and brings with it a strong understanding of social media marketing. In her spare time, Fiona is a keen traveller, combining her passion for photography and the outdoors.
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