The PeoplePerHour Philosophy on Freelancer Proposal Fees

Our mission at PeoplePerHour is to enable people to live their work dream. Whether it is our freelancers or our buyers, we take great pride in assisting them to grow their client base or business respectively.

Will PeoplePerHour follow competitors’ freelancer fees?

We recognise that the quality of our freelancers is key to ensuring PeoplePerHour succeeds. That’s why we believe it’s crucial that our freelancers are able to freely communicate. Rewarding talented freelancers is an important part of the PeoplePerHour ideology, and this is why we provide benefits to our community.

We reward high performing freelancers with extra proposal credits

  • Every month, all freelancers are provided with 15 free credits to bid on any project they desire
  • Every 15 days, high scoring freelancers are rewarded with 45 extra credits for free
  • If a buyer decides not to proceed with the job and cancels it, then all credits are automatically refunded to the freelancer

Our buyers are also important to us

Of course, it’s vital that we are also providing a great service for our buyers as well. The danger of giving out too many proposal credits is that it can create a clutter of proposals for buyers, causing them difficulty in identifying the most relevant proposals. This concern has led to price increases from some of our competitors on freelancers proposing for jobs, to discourage freelancers from overbidding.

High-quality proposals are highlighted to our buyers

Rather than punishing high-level freelancers, we have taken the steps below to avoid a clutter of irrelevant proposals:

  • All freelancers have the opportunity to gain work on any project and each project costs our freelancers 1 proposal credit
  • In March we released our “recommended proposals” feature, a data science project we have been working on for 2 years now. This feature predicts the proposals that are more likely to be awarded by the buyer, whilst also muting the proposals that we consider less relevant
  • We offer support to our freelancers during times of uncertainty. For example, all UK freelancers will soon receive a gesture of support during the political turmoil of Brexit
  • We’re not perfect, we know we’ve made mistakes. In the past, we have taken a similar route to competitors by overcharging for bidding. However, we listened to our community’s feedback and have made changes based on that

Are you happy with the service provided by PeoplePerHour? Please let us know, we started building our platform together, and we are committed to continue doing so in the future!

Declan is the Communication & PR Manager at PeoplePerHour. His role involves writing blog content, helping to organise PeoplePerHour events and generally all things marketing. In his spare time, you will find Declan watching his beloved Manchester United.
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Hugh Featherspoon
Hugh Featherspoon

So I guess this is peopleperhour replying to upwork recent fee changes? (

John A.
John A.


Pallavi Dadwal
Pallavi Dadwal

A good decision for all the freelancers.. Thanks PPH.. 🙂


Thank you for being part of our community 🙂

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