why a freelancwers life is not always a peaceful one

Why A Freelancer’s Life Isn’t Always a Peaceful One

Sometimes I am driven to complete despair. I swear that I am turning into one of those weirdos that you see wandering around town talking to themselves and shouting obscenities about Hitler or whoever they feel has somehow managed to ruin their life!

So, what is my problem?

I really hate being interrupted when I am working. Do people not realise that, as a freelancer, I am only able to earn a living when I am actually at my desk?

Devilish Distractions

I had stupidly believed that working from home would mean that I would be blissfully free of distractions. There would be no office chit chat and no pointless meetings to attend. My schedule would no longer be buggered by having to cover for inadequate colleagues and I would comfortably be able to complete all of my work on time.

I was an idiot!

Beating the Clock

Every day has turned into a race against time and I am talking about a marathon, not a sprint. There is something in my DNA which makes it impossible for me to contemplate delivering a project late. This same fault in my gene pool also compels me to do everything in my power to produce the best possible work.

I shut myself away from the rest of the world so that I can concentrate. But the rest of the world keeps bloody knocking on my front door! How the hell am I supposed to write my next prize-winning piece when the delivery man from the supermarket can’t find number 54 (my neighbour)? It’s big enough to see for heaven’s sake! It’s a four-bedroom detached!

Distractions - Sally Stacy

Deliveries and More Deliveries

Then there are my neighbours’ shopping habits to contend with. They clearly make all of their purchases online but never bother to worry about trivia like staying home to receive the deliveries. Why would they when they have a free parcel reception service next door? I start work every day wondering whether my next visitor will be Amazon or Ao.com. With Amazon’s much-publicised plans to use drones to make deliveries, perhaps I should construct a landing area in my garden.

It is annoying enough to have to run downstairs to sign for all of this stuff but then I am forced to find somewhere to put it. Not a problem when it’s a kettle, but today’s delivery was a carpet! What next? A complete kitchen? A full-sized replica of the Space Shuttle?

Now there’s a thought! Perhaps I should establish an office on another planet!

Striving for Peace

This week I have also been interrupted by a religious group trying to tempt me into joining their campaign for world peace. How ironic! There is no peace around here! I have also had to deal with a window cleaner touting for business and an ex-convict selling tea towels to aid his rehabilitation. His criminal inclinations may have been cured but I am now considering committing a murder!

A Friend Called Darcey

The biggest distraction in my life is most certainly a little lady called Darcey. Named for a ballerina but lacking any grace whatsoever, my friend’s puppy is a pint-sized tornado on four legs. She has taken a shine to me and if she is ever on the loose she will make a beeline for my front door and wail until I let her in. It is completely impossible to ignore her plaintiff cries and so I always end up taking her for a walk. I absolutely adore her, of course!

Last week I looked after her for an entire day. She managed to devastate my office in a matter of minutes. She ate my shoes, perforated by boots, shredded every piece of paper that she could reach and totally annihilated a tape measure that I had stupidly left lying around. If I dared to turn my attention to my keyboard for even a second, she went into full-on destruction mode.

Unappealing Kitty

I now see my antisocial and frankly unpleasant cat in a whole new light. He obviously hates me which used to be rather upsetting. But his aversion to my company at least enables me to get some work done between the parcel deliveries and the van drivers who can’t find the houses that they are looking for.

A Freelancers Freedom

I love the freedom that comes with being self-employed. But in order to successfully complete my projects, I am forced to endure a succession of interruptions every single day. I really didn’t see this problem coming and now understand why some freelancers choose to work in a coffee shop. I am considering using my creative skills to design a sign for my front door which will read something like “If it isn’t a matter of life and death, please go away!”

Do you think this will work?

About the Author:

Distraction - Sally StaceyI am a UK based copywriter at Copywiser and have been a freelancer for over six years. In my previous life, I was Director of Operations at a distribution company for sixteen years and held senior management positions in textile production and freight recruitment businesses.  I always believed that there was a writer somewhere inside me waiting to get out and then freelancing enabled me to unleash the beast! Life has been much more interesting ever since! Get in touch with Sally here …

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Robert Walsh
Robert Walsh

Great blog post!

A very enjoyable read and also informative at the same time.
Working with freelancers on a weekly basis it is great to have an insight into the rigours and distractions they have to put up with.


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