7 Digital Marketing Myths you need to discard to grow your business

If you’re in the digital media or run a business with online clients, you know the rumours surrounding digital marketing. Some of these myths come from people who don’t even have an ounce of knowledge about digital marketing. Here, I uncover seven myths about digital marketing and how you can save your business from selling out.

Myth #1: Digital Marketing is a one-step solution

From buying the trendy shoes to finding a plumber online, in the age of the internet, everything is digital. This is why most of my clients believe digital marketing will solve all of their business problems.

In reality, digital marketing acts as an integral part of multi-faceted methods of marketing out there. While most users rely on social media proof and Google ads, there are still consumers who rely on traditional feedback. They prefer to buy products based on the appearance and message on the billboards. My two best friends from school can fit into this example quite right. One friend who is 30 years old uses social media to buy products. While my other friend, who is 25 years old, buys products after careful research and talking with a lot of friends. So as a digital marketer you need to impress both of my friends to generate a sale.

Myth #2: For Traditional Marketers, Digital Marketing is a piece of cake

There is this digital genie out there who are waiting for your command. Just put some ads, make a blog, and the money will flow like a river in your backyard.

Sorry to disappoint, but this is not the case with digital marketing. With traditional marketing, you can put up a billboard and run a tv ad to get instant response. However, digital marketing is more about patience and consistency. Before running the ad you need to learn about your target market. Their behaviour patterns and what forces them to buy or leave a certain product.

Marketers need to A/B test before launching a new product. Pot out a beta version of their app before spreading the full version in the market. The modern-day digital marketing company is laser-focused on engagement, conversion and retaining the customers with the rebranding, remarketing & persuasive marketing.

Myth #3: Set in motion & be kind to customers

In the famous documentary, ‘The Secret’, Rhonda Byrne talks about focusing on one thing and work hard for it. Digital marketing is just like that. You cannot expect your digital marketing team to set a budget and forget it till the next quarter. Well unless you’re planning to bankrupt your startup.

A successful digital marketing strategy is all about planning, execution, retrospection, maintenance, and assessment of the results. On an average, the conversation rate of first-time customers is around 1 – 3%. In order to capture and retain their attention, you need to work hard on providing a memorable customer experience. Analyze the buying patterns of regular customers and surprise them with unthinkable discount offers.

Myth #4: Digital Marketing is free

Even today company owners think that setting up a social media profile, posting once a day, and writing blogs is enough to attract new customers. But as reality is stranger than fiction, digital marketing can cost you the hulking amount of money.

Since inbound marketing yields 3 times more leads per dollar than traditional methods, digital marketing agencies allocate high-end budgets to promote their services and products online. It is not just a matter of preference. Your competitors are already out there. If you want to survive, you need to dive-in the digital sea of unlimited opportunities.

Myth #5: Digital Marketing will get instant results

This is one of the most common myths in digital marketing. You set-up a campaign. And after a day you expect your website to flood with traffic and sales will increase like a magic pill.

Most business owners believe spending money on Facebook will give a 2X return in sales and triple their social media fans the very next day.

According to Smart Insights, more than 45% of marketers say measuring the ROI of a digital campaign is difficult. The easy way is to take some courses on digital marketing and learn how to analyze the data.

But once the payback comes, all the effort and patience will be worth it.

Myth #6: Digital Marketing is only for young customers

Many CEOs still think that digital marketing is only for the young generation. People who are 25 years old. And everyone below that age.

In a survey done by Emerketer millennials are the prime demographic for digital adoption, as they were born and raised during the emergence of the internet. Another survey shows that Facebook is dominated by adults between 25 – 55. Other stats show that the largest rise in online buying is for adults between 55 to 64 year. Furthermore, this survey reveals that the smallest rise in online shopping was between the ages of 25 – 35.

It is safe to conclude that digital marketing, once considered a forte of the next generation,  is now dominated by older people. To grab the attention of these people, companies need to tailor their marketing campaigns to resemble their interests.

Myth #7: Digital Marketing only works for certain businesses

Many marketers believe that online marketing is limited to startups and trendy businesses who can create the buzz online. For boring businesses, there is no room to go digital.

Do you think old razors has nothing to do with digital marketing? Check out DollarShaveClub ad which will force you to develop your own marketing campaign and launch it online.

Same goes for any business. The hard part is to find the right digital medium for your business. If you figure that out, things go smoothly from there forward.

In a nutshell

It is not okay to leave traditional marketing behind and only move forward with digital marketing. Digital marketing is not just for young people, it is for everyone. And although it can be heavy on your budget, once the results show, it is all worth it. But be patient and keep testing.

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Mohammad Ali
Mohammad Ali is an experienced digital marketer and a search engine marketing specialist who is currently associated with Branex, as a senior digital marketer and brand strategist.
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