Workstream Updates That Will Make Your Life Easier

Hello PPHers,

Your feedback continues to help us identify bugs and improve the platform, so please keep it coming! This time, we’re pleased to present 4 simple tweaks to your Workstream that will (hopefully) make your everyday freelancing routine more enjoyable.

1. Press Enter to send checkbox

Thanks to this quick update, you have the freedom to choose your preferred communication style. You can now use the workstream to exchange longer, email-like messages or opt for a chat-style interface by ticking the “Press enter to send checkbox”.

Having listened to your feedback, we changed the message box size back to what it was originally but added a button (the little downwards pointing arrow) that allows you to expand the message box any time you want. Simple as that!

message box

2. Attachments tab

If you had trouble finding all the files exchanged in the workstream, this change will take that pain away. We have added an attachments tab next to the Workstream feed, so you can find all the files in one place and quickly get your hands on what you need. You can also choose to view the files in a list or tile mode.

tile mode workstream

3. Previewing images in the Workstream

Have you ever sent a wrong file to someone? It happens when one needs to rely on memory alone. But no more! This update will allow you to preview the attached files without having to open them.

previewing images

4. Workstream Summary

If you wish to allow more space for the Workstream feed and attachments tab, you can now expand the Workstream summary by clicking on the little orange arrow only when you need to access that information.

image (4)

These are the 4 most recent tweaks we’ve introduced to your Workstream. Think we missed something? Please let us know in the comments!

Kelly Jane
Kelly Jane
Kelly is PeoplePerHour marketing expert. She has a wealth of experience in digital and social media marketing. As a freelancer, she has been committed in helping small businesses grow by offering them agile and result-driven marketing services.
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Tanya & Nathan
Tanya & Nathan

Can you also increase the attachment size? 20MB limit is way too low.
If not, can you embed a dropbox or similar API where this can be made possible?


Its a really nice enhancement 🙂 Look forward where people can see, the enhancement of People can see, the Order in Que.. in Hourlie

Uninterested Spam-Recipient
Uninterested Spam-Recipient

I’m receiving unsolicited emails from your organisation and you offer no way to unsubscribe or respond. Even your web site offers no contact info. It’s all very phishy and spammy. Kindly remove me from your email list ASAP.


Hi, I can’t find your email address in the system – can you please forward me one of the emails you keep receiving to so we can dig deeper?

Humayun T. Rizvi
Humayun T. Rizvi

All these Workstream tweaks are really great and timesaving. I especially like the expanded space tweak for writing and sending proposals in. And the Attachments preview tab is also nice. I’m sure buyers and sellers would be very happy with all these updates in the Workstream. Excellent Job PPH!

waqar ali
waqar ali

updates work

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