The Wins of Outsourcing

We love a success story here at PPH, particularly when it involves our website being the catalyst for transforming a small business into something successful.

Case Study 1: Transfer Go

Transfer Go is one of these stories.

Their journey began in 2012, with a unique idea to international money transfers. Their plan was an ambitious one, particularly when they had no funds for the start up. One of the biggest hurdles that a fledging business can face.


An idea is born

One of the main issues with money transfers between countries is that there are a number of fees that need to be paid, simply to send money. The founders of TransferGo thought that this wasn’t exactly fair to those who need to move money internationally. They wanted to create a money transfer platform that saved people money.

This was the birth of TransferGo. The idea behind it was to create a transfer platform that is local. Both for in and out payments. Having this local facility means that the sender and recipient are not only saving money, but saving time too.

Building their business

One of the main issues that comes with a business of this type is being able to offer a service that is personal. This particularly comes in the form of language as well as cultures. In order to be able to deliver marketing campaigns, customer service and even aspects of graphic design, TransferGo would need to employ a vast team that would cover all of those niches.

This is where PPH has been able to help. With so many different freelancers and a whole  wealth of talent throughout the site, companies just like TransferGo can easily find someone to help make sure that they deliver the very best service possible.

Whether it is an urgent campaign, high volumes of one-off projects, on PPH there is likely to be someone just waiting to take on the job.

What they say about PPH

Of course, it is the hard work and dedication of the team behind TransferGo that have been instrumental in their success, but we like to think that we have had a helping hand too. They credit PPH with being able to give them access to a variety of people at any time and at any stage of business. Not only this, but they also value the direct nature and approach of the freelancers that work on the platform and the quality of work that is produced.

In just a few short years TransferGo has undergone a variety of changes. It is operating throughout 40+ countries in the world, and has a loyal customer base of well over 100k! If that isn’t a great success story, and a motivator to get started on your own journey, then we don’t know what is!

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Case Study 2:

Many businesses start as a small one person band. They may be the brain child of someone who wants to change their career, or simply an idea that makes a whole lot of sense.

SeanClark.Com started out as just Sean working alone. He acted as a consultant, providing valuable advice to his clients in order to help them to grow their own business plans. As his client base grew, so did the variety of requests for his service, and he found himself being asked to take on projects that were outside of his time resource.

The problem with recruiting

The issue that Sean faced was the same as many one person businesses face. Without taking on more clients and larger projects, you will never grow. However, you need to grow before you can take on staff.

Rather than resign himself to a lifetime of just getting by for the business, Sean knew that he needed a helping hand in order to achieve the success that he knew his business was capable of.

Outsourcing is the answer

So, what could Sean do? Not wanting to recruit, but needing the help. Thankfully he found his answer from podcasts from other business owners, and it came in the form of PPH. As a website that provides freelancers working in a variety of areas, PPH is the place for small businesses to get the help they need to grow.

Sean, like so many other businesses valued quality over price, something that we are proud to offer here at PPH. Whilst there are other platforms with freelancers, often charging much lower rates for work, we encourage those working through the site to charge realistically for their time, rather than underselling themselves. This definitely helps with the quality of work.

Not only this, but payments and tracking of work is easier to do on the site, and you can build a long term working relationship with some of the freelancers, leading to them being an integral part of the team.

So, that takes us up right to now. is a thriving business that is competing well in a crowded and competitive marketplace. Alongside Sean now works 7 staff and together they manage around 50 different clients. Whilst they are still working with smaller businesses that are only spending a few hundred pounds every month, just like the early days, they also have some clients which are spending upwards of £30k every month. Just what they need to grow.

Are you a start up looking to expand? Not able to hire permanent staff to help you on your journey? If this is true for you, then maybe it is time to invest in some freelancers from PPH. There are a wealth of talented people throughout the site and they can help you to tackle a variety of different projects.

Best of all, they are not employees, however, they are there to make sure that you achieve your vision and get to your end goal. Just like Sean.

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Kelly Jane
Kelly Jane
Kelly is PeoplePerHour marketing expert. She has a wealth of experience in digital and social media marketing. As a freelancer, she has been committed in helping small businesses grow by offering them agile and result-driven marketing services.
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