The Benefits of Featured Hourlies: An Impartial Review

As you probably know I am the copywriter for our very own PeoplePerHour, working on a freelance basis a few hours a week. However, I am also a Seller, right here on PPH and count on the site to bring me work to keep a roof over my head.

An Impartial View

This is why I can offer an impartial view of features as I keep my other work completely separate; I still pay PPH fees and compete for those top seller badges alongside everyone else.

So when Featured Hourlies were introduced I was a little sceptical. I wasn’t worried about the effects on Hourlies that don’t adopt the Featured banner as I believe feedback, popularity and quality speaks for itself. Just like on eBay (although it’s true our services are more subjective than products) I understood that this was a handy option for those who wanted to use it.

The Way I Saw It

Again, just like on eBay, I also thought that Buyers would know the difference between the Featured Hourlies and the ones at the top through sales and would make an informed decision.

Consider Google: anyone with great content and some SEO knowledge can compete to reach the top spot on the first page. However, Google recognised the customers’ need to be able to buy extra advertising and so offer ads that put them above everything else in a little yellow box. As a user, I rarely click on those in the yellow box, unless they do meet my requirements exactly. Of course I may not have noticed them otherwise but I choose my website through relevance rather than the boldest font.

This is how I saw Featured Hourlies; they’d give those without many sales a chance to be seen and if their offering was indeed good enough to entice Buyers, it would also increase their sales.

A Great Proposal will win Compared to a Mediocre Proposal with a Banner

I rarely use the Proposal system anymore, as I have a lot of regular clients on PPH and this along with my Hourlie sales and other regular work outside keeps me ticking over, however I also believed that a great Proposal will always win over a mediocre one with a ribbon across it.

Testing the Water

A few weeks ago I found myself with a little space. I’d worked hard to meet deadlines and as a result was left with 48 hours free. This is when I decided to test out the Featured Hourlie, choosing it for the Hourlie I enjoy doing the most but has received the lowest sales of them all.

I was astounded by the results! Within a day I had received enquiries from many Buyers, some which didn’t lead to anything but some which are now regular clients. My first sale of this Hourlie more than paid for the Featured fee while subsequent orders were a bonus.

A Business Boost for Less Than a Tenner!

It was exactly the boost I needed and when the opportunity came to renew it, I couldn’t – as I simply didn’t have the time to cope with the extra enquiries!

Like I’ve said, yes I work for PPH on a freelance basis, but as a Seller I am completely impartial and although dubious I can’t deny I was impressed with the business boost the Featured Hourlies gave to my week.

I’ve not used it since as I’ve been snowed under but it is comforting to know that if work does go a little quiet, for less than a tenner I can give it a big kick up the bum!

Thanks to Martina for sharing her impartial view on Featured Hourlies! Martina is one of the top copywriters here on PPH. Check out her Hourlies!  And last but not least, a special thanks to our very own Eirini for the accompanying design!

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nike air max 90

Absolutely the most awesome seller!! Thanks for the super fast shipping!!

Amit Mishra
Amit Mishra

I featured my hourly for 3 days only….but the amount is getting deducted on recurring basis with no result. Not even single view per dollar.

Can someone advise me how can i stop my recurring deduction? I never opted for recurring deduction. I just opted for one time experiment.


Hi Amit,

I am sorry to hear you are experiencing problems.
Please can you email and they will be able to help.

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