So you think you’re funny, Kim?

Go on, say something funny! Not easy is it? Now say something funny and something even funnier after that, while everyone in the room is looking at you…

No it’s not our idea of fun either, however we know someone who thrives on it and that’s comedienne Kim MacAskill aka PeoplePerHour freelancer Kim Griffin. We caught up with her to hear about the funny side of being a stand in for a stripper…

PPH: Hey Kim,  so can you tell everyone a bit about yourself, where are you from what do you do..?

Kim MacAskill: I am a scottish comedian based in Glasgow. I have been working as both a stand up comedian and script writer for nearly four years now.

What made you want to become a comedienne and what inspires your material?

Comedy has always been my life and as a teenager who did not look the greatest, making people laugh was my next option really. Well, it was either that or holding house parties, but my sister had already beat me to that. I was never invited.

Most people who are too afraid to try stand up are worried about heckling, losing the audience or both. What was your most, erm, “challenging” moment on stage to date and [insert job interview voice] how did you “grow from it as a person?”

Learning how to ‘die on stage’ is something that never becomes easy, whereas hecklers get easier with time. When someone heckles you, you go home and think of what you should have said. Soon you build a good bank of come backs for any occasion. My most challenging moment was performing for a football club having had a stripper cancel on them. The scenario was awkward for everyone.


You’ve used for some freelance work, how did you find it?

I have had some fantastic work through and as a traveller, it suits me wonderfully. However, the rise of employers seeking to exploit freelancers, particularly in poorer countries is becoming an issue that I hope will hope to resolve. Everyone deserves fair pay. I did have one man run off without payment and while it did take 4 months, PeoplePerHour did help in getting me the money.

What would your dream freelance job be and why?

My ideal freelance job would be as a screenplay writer / comedy writer or even a movie critic (movie mad). I’ve been working freelance for a while and would love to find a freelance job that would be consistent and well paid. Then again, doesn’t everyone?

What forthcoming gigs, videos, broadcasts you’ve been involved with should we know about?

Upcoming gigs shall be at the Stand Comedy Club in Glasgow this month. has all information.

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am a scottish comedian based in Glasgow. I have been working as both a stand up comedian and script writer for nearly four years now.


Anytime you wanna try out on our Stage down here in Guildford, Surrey at the Gag Factory you are more than welcome… P.S. you look like Kirsten Dunst!


Thank you Stu – that sounds lovely. I already recognize quite a few circuit faces on your website! Zoe Lyons and Rob Deering are tremendous acts.

Ambrose Mugwump
Ambrose Mugwump

“When someone heckles you, you go home and think of what you should have said”

See, this is why i have to stick to prose. I would just jump off the stage and stick a fork in his head.

maria pervaiz
maria pervaiz

i have done MBA and want to do job


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i think she is Master in his work.

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