9 Simple Reasons You Shouldn’t Give Up on Freelancing

Do you work 9-5 every day? Or maybe you’re so busy switching jobs that you can’t take a break?

You hear about freelancing but you turned in deaf ears because you believe standing alone in business is only possible for college graduates and beyond.

You think your level of education is enough a limit to lock you in that menial payroll.

So, you wail and fix your lifestyle around that limited angle. Why? Because you’re scared of breaking the box.

You sing these three lazy-ass statements in your mind:

  1. I want to start freelancing but my full-time job is hindering me
  2. I really don’t know anything, not even what to do
  3. Nobody will appreciate my efforts

Yes, you’re right. Nobody cares.

All of a sudden, you woke up and decided to start freelancing. You made up your mind to at least give it a try.

Then after about three months, no clients, no progress, no paychecks.

Back to square one, you thought about forgoing the freelancing world.

“Freelancing is not for me”, you say!

That’s absolutely my picture. But, if there’s anything you shouldn’t forgo now, it’s freelancing.

Here’s why.

Freelancing provides huge opportunities
with little risk

Freelancing provides you with big opportunities. You simply stay in control of everything, your time – your working hours, leisure and vacation, your decisions – both personally and financially, and yet, you build your expertise.

Your client is your business partner. You have every right to communicate and tell him what suits you best, unlike in corporate situations when you have no say.

To me, what I detest most about being a 9-5er is that I don’t have time to develop my skills. I only do the same routine every day.

Freelancing provides you with every opportunity to develop and learn a new set of skills. All at very little risk – if you fail at a job, it’s always an avenue of learning.

It offers flexible lifestyle

Probably the best part of being a freelancer. You choose the lifestyle you want. What’s important is delivering to your clients at the agreed time. You can choose to work at the middle of the night or work without your pants on. It’s all the way you want.

Absolutely no travel cost as you work remotely, no expensive outfits, and of course, you decide your own hourly rate.

It portrays you as an expert

As long as you’re open to learning, freelancing presents you as an expert in the sight of your clients. This will be as a result of the quality of your job and the professionalism at which you deliver.

Your presence on authority platforms, contribution in forums, attendance in conferences, speaking gigs and views on latest trends in your field will seal your expertise.

It drives your dreams

Irrespective of how huge your dream is, don’t be scared! Just drive it. Work towards it and you’ll definitely get there. Don’t let anyone pull you down.

People’s opinion shouldn’t be valid in your dreams. If you have a dream to pursue freelancing, do it no matter what.

And if it’s to be an entrepreneur, start by freelancing. You’ll develop your business at no heavy cost.

My aim is to be an entrepreneur, so I started by freelancing. Though I made no dime in my first nine months of freelancing, that didn’t stop me.

I had a vision, and I’m walking towards it.

freelance vision

It teaches you that failure leads to success

One of the main factors that pull you back from freelancing is the possibility of failure. Right?

The earlier you start seeing failure as a path to success, the better your chances of being successful. I haven’t seen any successful freelancer without any story of failure or rejection.

You should be ready for this if you intend having your business too.

So, have a mind shift and start doing. If you fail, believe that it is a step to success.

It helps you shut people up

What do you think is happening when a blacksmith hits repeatedly at a point? He sees a sign. Those with little understanding may perceive the act as time wasting but the success that follows is worth the time.

Therefore, you should be prepared that the world may go against you when you start freelancing, particularly when you consider leaving your tight-scheduled job or you aren’t making money yet.

Keep hitting, your success will shut them up!

It enables you to pull through

Knowing that you have a deadline to meet will give you the strength to pull through. Freelancing keeps your head up and sets you up for any task. That’s a must-have skill for pulling through the rough.

Once you’re set to pursue a dream in freelancing, you must hold firm by working your butt off and accomplishing your goals.

This process always seems tedious but each step is a learning curve which reflects your strength, weaknesses and your ability to pull the bull by the horn.

freelance life

It forces you to do

I’d been a writer for as much as I can remember. But when a friend introduced me to freelancing, I was scared to start for I didn’t know where it might end.

I wasted three months by being shrewd and doing nothing. It was really difficult when I just kicked off as a freelancer, but then started easing down. Now, writing is becoming easier and more and more fun for me.

The trick is, every work becomes easier with every day of doing it. There was a time when I couldn’t write a paragraph without heavy edits. But now, when my editing app flags no error, I pause in confusion. Truly, there isn’t an error!

It makes you an inspiration to others

Finally, freelancing makes you an inspiration to others. It makes you go through the thick and thin of building a profile, working hard on personal branding, pitching clients, doing the job and delivering it.

Your refusal to give up on yourself, your hard work and persistence to success is enough an attribute to inspire others.


Taking the huge step into freelancing or staying as a freelancer is somewhat discouraging at times. But, an ounce of words alone may seem a vast prime mover that make us do.

I hope this piece helps you find your patience in freelancing.

About the Author:
resizedI’m a freelance writer, content strategist and online entrepreneur. I’m a field researcher by day, and ardent writer at night. I help businesses succeed by dipping feather into ink. Hire Ajala on PeoplePerHour.

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Kelly Jane
Kelly Jane
Kelly is PeoplePerHour marketing expert. She has a wealth of experience in digital and social media marketing. As a freelancer, she has been committed in helping small businesses grow by offering them agile and result-driven marketing services.
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Sharon Jones
Sharon Jones

Hi Ajala, good content overall and an enjoyable post, but please hire a proofreader next time. There are a couple of places where your use of language jars, and breaks the flow of the piece. These are things that spellcheck won’t pick up on

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