What’s the science behind effective freelance writers?

What does it take to become an effective freelance writer? An effective freelance writer wears many hats and is able to get the job done even when put against the wire.

This is a challenging position that takes time and dedication.

There are a number of things in common for successful freelance writers that are a given.

Here are a few…


A freelance writer is confident about their abilities and can give you multiple reasons why you should hire them to do the job.

They have a diverse writing background, and can direct you to multiple sites or present a stunning portfolio of work. They are poised and professional, taking the time to tell a complete story on why they are able to assist.

freelance writers


An effective freelance writer is diligent about their work. They go from assignment to assignment, gathering information and keeping the flow continuous. They are always pitching new ideas and working on their craft to continue to build their portfolio and body of work to share with others.

43% of freelance writers look for new writing jobs every day of the week.


One thing a freelance writer knows all too well is rejection. Although they experience a lot of rejections for items that were pitched, they also keep going and can appreciate when they do not receive a job immediately.

This is where confidence comes in. A freelance writer knows their pitches are good and do not take it personal when they are not picked up.

One pitch to a certain magazine or company may not be a good hit, but that same pitch to another publication may be just what they are looking for.

Effective freelance writers are resilient even when:

  • 59% have an issue with uncertainty in income;
  • 57% have difficulty getting new clients;
  • and 19% have distractions at home.


An effective freelance writer never stops being persistent. This works directly with resilience. No matter how many rejections they get, they are always persistent and able to rise above it all.

Author Sylvia Plat said, “I love my rejection slips. They show me I try.”

This is true of all effective freelancers. Their work ethic is solid and they keep going and going until they reach the desired result. The average freelance writer works three to five hours a day.

freelance writers


Effective freelance writers are open and honest. They are also receptive to feedback that can help them make a piece better.

When a freelance writer receives a rejection letter, they review it to see where they went wrong, and they welcome comments and questions. They use these principles for both editing and writing.

Truth be told, even Hemingway had an editor.

67% of freelance writers are female, between the ages of 25 and 34. They are proficient in SEO link building, SMS marketing for correspondence and sending out information, and text messaging service to help potential clients visually understand.

Freelance writers are innovative. There are a number of reasons why they chose the profession:

  • 82% felt they could work wherever and whenever they wanted to.
  • 35% do not want a boss.
  • 30% were pleased they could set their own rates.
  • 24% liked the fact there were no face-to-face meetings.

There are a number of writers wanting to become full-time writers, but there is a certain distinction between an effective freelance writer and someone who just writes for pay.

Knowing the difference, and being able to single those individual writers out for recurring work is key. No matter what they face, effective freelance writers will always have a place and outlet for work.

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