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Not bad meaning bad, but bad meaning good…”

Recently we tweaked the way we deal with reviews on the site and wanted to outline how they work and what the thinking behind them is. The driver, as ever, is issues you’ve flagged to us and a desire to help Freelancers win more work and Clients get great talent. We hope these help make the site work that bit smoother for everyone.

Feedback per invoice

Clients will now be able to leave feedback per Invoice rather than per Job. What this translates to for the Freelancer is that if someone has a Job that is ongoing, their Client is now able to leave unique feedback once they have paid each invoice. Each item of per-invoice feedback left will be visible on the Freelancer’s profile.

Retrofitting reviews

As this the affects the logic of reviews on all the Freelancer’s profiles on the site, we are making these changes retrospective i.e. if Freelancers have a Job for which they have raised multiple invoices in the past and a Client has left them an item of feedback – we will now count them as individual “reviews.” This means that on a Freelancers’ profile and in search results the number of reviews will increase dramatically for some Freelancers. Since when they were written Clients couldn’t previously leave individual per-invoice reviews we will assume the latest review left to be applicable for all previous invoices.

Freelancer profile metrics

We have also enhanced the display of the review metrics on Freelancers profiles. Previously where it might have said “Reviews: 14,” now it would say “Reviews: 14 from 2 Clients.” This gives Clients a sense that the freelancer has had committed Clients who have had work done for them on a repeat basis.

Longest Job

Finally there is another metric “Longest Job,” which gives Clients an indication what is the longest Job the Freelancer has worked on. The thinking is this: seeing that a Freelancer has successfully worked on a Job for a Client for a long period of time might be a useful datapoint for Clients in choosing who to might be reliable to work with.

— Martin, PeoplePerHour team

Xenios is the Founder & CEO of PeoplePerHour. He is a thought leader for the burgeoning on-demand economy, changes to the labour market and entrepreneurship at large. In this role Xenios has appeared numerous times on BBC News, Bloomberg, CNN, ABC and has been interviewed hundreds of times by major publications including Forbes, the Financial Times, Entrepreneur, Business Insider.
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Sofia M
Sofia M

I noticed this last week, and these are all great things to have implemented, great job. It is a shame that some of the previous reviews for a job aren’t saved, but going forward I think everything above is good for both freelancers and clients.



Thanks Sofia!

— Martin, PeoplePerHour team


I like to take a job in freelance. then many ways I try to post a job. but i have a card problem. I have only debit card .so my authentication is failed. I am trying to change this debit card to credit card. I got a credit card after I take job in freelance.


Hello dear team !

I have registered my account on your site for few months.
But, i meet issues each time i bid on an job offer.
I’ve never won any work assignment.

Could you help me, maybe some details on my profile do not fit to any projet.

Thankfully in advance.


Hey Solis,

We’d recommend…

– Making your Profile 100% complete
– Adding a Profile image
– Getting an external review from a previous client

Some detailed feedback how to bid comes from one of our top freelancers Nick, here:


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