Proven ways to use text messaging for your business

For your small business to grow steadily and consistently, you have to utilise multiple channels and tools, not just put all your eggs in one basket. Latest statistics insist that you use SMS among those tools. 64% of phone owners believe that companies should communicate with them via SMS more often than they do now. That’s a green light, right? While you’re processing that number, here’s another one for you: most text messages are read within the first three minutes of receiving. Seems like texting is, indeed, a good solution for time-sensitive promotion campaigns. And if time is not that vital for you, then you can start an email campaign, and support it with SMS. It is guaranteed you will experience a much better outcome if you do both.

SMS coupons have proven to be extremely effective. They actually have the redemption rate 10 times higher than that of a paper coupon. The latter might easily be lost by a customer, while an SMS coupon is there with them all the time as long as they have their phone handy.

Apart from promotion, what other purposes can businesses leverage texting for? Improving customer service is one of them. Notifying clients about flight changes, sending them order confirmations and reminding them about appointments – all of these add up to a greater level of customer satisfaction. Reports show, that consumers, in fact, like to receive these kinds of messages because, they “feel like they are cared about”, and these texts allow them to “feel in control” of the services they receive.

Speaking about appointment reminders, customers aren’t the only ones that benefit from them. Businesses that operate on an appointment basis actually experience less money and time losses that usually occur due to no-shows. These are real estate agencies, healthcare facilities, consulting firms, etc.

Texting can be used not only as a means of delivering information, but also collecting valuable insights. Customer feedback is vital. Otherwise, how are you going to know what they need? Start communicating with your customers now. Launching a new muffin flavour? Ask consumers what they would like it to be. Want to know how new customers have found out about your store? Ask them! A study shows that 31% of customers respond to SMS surveys within just 6 minutes. That’s a fast way to collect insights!

Up to this point, we’ve been looking at texting as a way of external communication. Now let’s think internal. SMS can actually be used to make staff communication more effective. It’s the fastest way to inform your employees about meeting reschedulings, or appointment cancellations. Texting is also a great way to retain employees. Sending them holidays greetings, acknowledging their successes at work – these are the small things that show your coworkers you care about them.

There you go. Enhancing promotion efforts, improving customer service, collecting insights, and more effective communication with staff – these are just some of the things texting can be used for. See the infographic from TextMagic’s team below for more details. Now, why don’t you share your thoughts with us in the comments section? How do you think you can use SMS for your business?

About the Author:

Anastasia Sviridenko is a content marketing manager who loves digging into books, and baking pancakes in her spare time.

Feel free to connect with her on Twitter or via PeoplePerHour.

Kelly Jane
Kelly Jane
Kelly is PeoplePerHour marketing expert. She has a wealth of experience in digital and social media marketing. As a freelancer, she has been committed in helping small businesses grow by offering them agile and result-driven marketing services.
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