PeoplePerHour Freelancer Christmas Party!

Did you know:
  • 78% of self-employed miss having a Christmas party
  • One fifth of all Londoners are self-employed
  • PPH celebrated freelancing with parties in four different cities

It’s the festive season again, with drinks flowing, food plentiful and mistletoe strategically positioned to create some seriously embarrassing situations. But while you’re being merry, spare a thought for the freelancers of the world, who might just be lonely this Christmas.

Our recent study has revealed that although freelancers enjoyed the self-sufficiency and other benefits that self-employment brings, more than three quarters (78%) of UK freelancers had pangs of missing out on a works Christmas party. With 74 per cent of freelancers working from their own homes there is little opportunity for them to get involved in the seasonal cheer, so what could the solution be?

A fifth (26%) of the self-employed survey respondents said that they worked in a shared workspace so could join in some festivities there, while a further 11 per cent said they had (or would) organised their own festive ‘do’ with their freelance peers, but what of the remaining 63 per cent?

Will they stay lonely this Christmas? Perhaps they’ll have a solitary sherry and mince pie at their desk, while stoically ignoring the mistletoe in the corner. They might just take the bah-humbug approach and forget about Christmas all together.

PeoplePerHour Founder & CEO Xenios Thrasyvoulou comments: ‘There are so many great things about being self-employed, but it can be a bit miserable at this time of year, sitting alone in your office when you know that all around you people are getting together and having fun. The success of PeoplePerHour rests solely on our freelancers – without them, we don’t have a business – so we thought that we’d say thank you by putting on a Christmas bash.

‘It makes good business sense too,’ he adds. While Christmas parties might be all about letting your hair down, they’re also a fantastic way of networking – even for those who are employed. When else do you get the opportunity to see your manager relaxed and enjoying him/herself? It’s the time for having conversations and getting to know each other. Many freelance workers and small business owners don’t get that opportunity to mingle and make contacts; hopefully our Christmas party will provide that opening – the guy you’re sharing a beer with might just become your next big client!

If you miss out on the festivities this year then you catch up with all the action on our Facebook page. 
Kelly Jane
Kelly Jane
Kelly is PeoplePerHour marketing expert. She has a wealth of experience in digital and social media marketing. As a freelancer, she has been committed in helping small businesses grow by offering them agile and result-driven marketing services.
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Thats all ok and as a freelancer I also love to have a break. But some clients out there who don’t feel the same as you. 🙁

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