How to Maximize Resources for a Successful Start-up

If you’re in the early stages of building a small business, you’re probably acquainted with the mix of pride-cum-stress that accompanies the fact of being a start-up owner. The “stress” side of the equation is often money-related: while you’re establishing a name, big chunks of money are hard to come by, and so you need to maximize your business start-up resources everywhere you can. Wondering how to maximize resources for start-ups? Keep reading.

Sourcing your humans

The most valuable resources you’ll ever procure are reliable and growth-maximising workers. Once you’ve got a solid team on board, your business will be unstoppable.

  1. Consider hiring remote workers. If you’re in the market for employees with a specific skill-set but aren’t finding anyone in your physical area, then don’t settle for the lesser-quality lot. The smartest way to maximize employee productivity is to choose the best candidates, not the nearest ones. Almost everything can be negotiated online these days, and with the help of tools like Skype, Trello, and other online collaborative platforms, maintaining good communication is easy. Better yet, you’ll avoid having to provide a team’s worth of laptops – more coins for the business piggy-bank!
  2. Team philosophy matters. Especially in a start-up setting, people sometimes need reminders that their work will have a direct impact on the success of the company in its first few years. If you (gently!) inculcate your workers with a growth-maximising frame of mind and continually remind them of their individual importance, everyone wins.
  3. Craft a business plan, and make sure everyone’s aware of it. Start-ups are like puzzles: if each piece isn’t doing its bit, the larger picture won’t come into view. Of course, your employees can’t do their bit if they don’t have a clear idea of the deadlines and tasks that they’ve been delegated, so ensure that your business plan is established and visible to all at the very start of your start-up journey.

Transportation solutions

If you own a business which necessitates the transportation of goods across regions, then consider purchasing your own truck to save on the costs of consistently hiring a vehicle.

Avoid the dreaded lease

Renting can present as an appealing option when you’ve got so many other materials to spend your budget on, but leasing – particularly in relation to office space – quickly becomes unsustainable. Plus, if your start-up does go through a rough patch, your rented working space may be jeopardised (a situation you’ll probably want to avoid, especially if manufacturing on-site).

We know that it’s difficult to save up that chunk of money necessary for an initial deposit, so why not consider building from scratch instead? Shipping containers, for example, make for cheap, quick-to-construct, and on-trend office spaces.

Marketing magic

You can have all the right ingredients – great workforce, brilliant business plan, reliable investors – but if you don’t maximize on start-up marketing, then the venture may not succeed. With today’s marketing platforms more accessible and cost-effective than ever (think Facebook, YouTube, blogs), there’s really no excuse for not promoting your business online.

Think of the aforementioned media as business resources. They offer a pre-made audience of billions of people – you just need to tap into a target market within that larger pool of users. Make use of the tech-savvy employees you’ve hired to create short and eye-catching product videos or take five minutes out of the day to establish an online presence on sites like Facebook and Instagram. Company websites, too, have been proven to increase consumers’ trust in a brand or service, so pick a friendly employee as the face of your web logo, and get connecting with a digital world of would-be customers.

About the Author:

Sofia Lockett a NZ-based freelance writer

Sofia Lockett is a freelance writer from Auckland, New Zealand. She often focuses her articles on travel & lifestyle. You can check more of her work on her Tumblr.

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