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In this ‘hyper-connected’ modern world, Social media has become a mature channel that is ingrained into our day-to-day ritual. However, as the likes of Facebook and Instagram move beyond social networks and into media platforms, they are always looking to grow their influence with new applications. Much like the rest of the marketing world, they are currently focused on video. Facebook Live and live-streaming in general are two of the most recent additions to the world of social media. According to Google Trends, search popularity for “Facebook live stream” has risen over 330% since the service became widely available in April last year.  Its popularity is evidently snowballing and it has proven to be a powerful tool for brands and businesses to use to engage with consumers and encourage interaction and loyalty.

But how can we ensure that these tools work for you? An answer is text messaging, the ideal channel to promote an emerging technology and ensure that your target audience is always kept entirely in the loop whilst encouraging growth around your own digital presence.

When launching a live social stream, often followers will receive a push notification. This creates a couple of issues; firstly growing a social following can be tough, meaning a smaller audience are aware of your live stream. In addition, over 60% of people opt-out of push notifications meaning that it’s not guaranteed your followers have this turned on! Secondly, push notifications will often be received as the event starts. All very well in terms of recruiting those last minute viewers, but it misses a huge opportunity to generate interest ahead of the stream. SMS provides another communication channel to direct towards social media profiles, increasing opportunities for a captive audience watching your video live. The will help businesses grow a following and generate interest in the stream before launch.

So how can put this into practice? How can you integrate text within your livestream/social media campaign today?

Integrated Text and Live Streaming for Event Success

Got a big event coming up? Say a launch of a new store? Or perhaps an exclusive music performance? A well-timed, punchy text message can be sent out to help build a buzz and anticipation around the event, before and during the live stream. Ensuring that whatever you’re streaming receives maximum exposure. This is a great way to encourage involvement of your consumers who may not have been aware of or aren’t physically at the event or perhaps were unable get hold of tickets. Text messaging will help to showcase your company in an exciting way.

During the event, text can be used to encourage customers to interact throughout the live stream. You can prompt people to enter into competitions via a shortcode keyword or respond to whatever is happening on the screen. This is an incredibly effective way to maximise consumer involvement whilst directing them to your website or other social media pages.

Speaking of social media, it is naïve to assume that all your customers or database are following you on every social media platform. Using text to direct people to your social media live stream may make them aware that they need to connect with you on this platform. If they aren’t following you on social media they won’t know about your live stream. Unless you integrate this with text and inform them through this.

What’s more, if followers have missed out on the event entirely, an enticing text message can increase the likelihood that they will click onto your profile to view it. This is particularly useful for videos posted on Instagram stories, for example, which are only available for a limited amount of time before they disappear.

After the event, an SMS can be sent out to those involved to establish some valuable feedback and to gain an idea of the general consensus. It can also be used to notify followers of the next live stream coming up or to ask them for the type of content they’d like to see. The use of segmented customer data will enable you to send out different messages during and after the event for a more strategically targeted approach.

In essence, text messaging is one of the fastest ways to reach mass groups at once, when partnered with a well thought out social media campaign strategy, it can prove to be a highly effective and value collaboration! By using SMS to create a buzz around an event, encourage interaction or to share valuable information with your target audience, it can be a great way to increase following and awareness, grow your business and communicate with potential and existing customers effectively!

About the Author:

Shaz is a Digital Marketer and Social Media Manager for TextAnywhere, who provides a text messaging solutions for businesses.

Feel free to connect with Shaz on Twitter, LinkedIn or via PeoplePerHour

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