How to Use Instagram to Promote Your Business in 2018

Instagram seems to combine all important elements of a successful marketing campaign: images, videos, stories, and connection. It’s the kind of visual storytelling that connects the brand to its target audience. It’s no wonder why we’re seeing more individuals and businesses investing in their Instagram marketing campaign.

In September 2017, Instagram reached a huge number of 800 million monthly active users. The platform is fun and easy to use. It’s everything the users want it to be, and it’s everything a marketing expert could possibly need for connecting with those users.

But, there is a right way to use the platform. You can’t just join and wait for miracles to happen. When it comes to business promotion, you have to follow the trends. We’ll suggest few tips that will lead you to the right way of using Instagram in 2018.


1. Connect with Influencers

Natalya Morton, online marketing expert from BestEssays, explains: “Instagram is the ultimate platform that connects you with influencers. If you’re selling content, connect with writers. If you’re selling blenders, connect with fitness gurus. If you’re a writer, connect with authoritative book reviewers. These people have a huge base of followers, who are ready to follow their recommendations.”

The influencer marketing campaigns are already strong, and they will keep growing in 2018. Take a look at the Beats By Dre profile. You’ll see celebrities promoting the headphones. If you don’t have the budget to hire celebrities to promote your products or services, you can start smaller. Explore Instagram to find micro-influencers and suggest collaboration. Make sure these people have the potential to attract comments and like by their loyal followers.

2. Engage in Paid Advertising

The best Instagram practices can get you far, but they won’t be complete without a paid advertising campaign. If you’re new to Instagram and you want to reach many people with your message ASAP, then paid adverts are a must.

The ads can be presented in four formats: photo, video, carousel, and stories. Needless to say, you’ll need cool content on your profile before you engage in advertising. The ad will attract people to visit your profile. You need to show something great there, so you’ll keep them as followers and potential buyers of your products or services.

3. Don’t Ignore Instagram Stories

Have you been watching Instagram stories lately? The feature was introduced in August 2016, and people immediately started using it to share moments of their days. We saw huge marketing potential in the stories back then, but we’re only starting to reveal it. Since September 2017, we got an opportunity to engage the audience directly through the stories. We can practically use them as ads.

The stories are active for only 24 hours, so everyone rushes to see them before they are gone. The thing that makes them important for online marketers is the option to engage the users through the stories. We can add links in them, so people can access buying options right from the stories.

1. Gallery Posts

Now that Instagram gives us the option to post galleries in a single post, we can avoid the risk of being boring with multiple similar posts in the feed.

Galleries are a powerful marketing tool. You can combine up to five images or videos grouped under a common theme. When used as a storytelling method, galleries have great potential to engage the audience. It’s still a relatively new feature, which we must keep exploring throughout 2018.


2. Descriptions Still Matter

Instagram is a place of stories. People like seeing great visual content, but they are more interested in the story behind it. Take this post by Uma Thurman as an example. It’s a great photo of her, but the #metoo message behind it is what matters and engages people.

Tell your stories! Focus not only on your business, but on real experiences. Share testimonials. Show how your products or services changed someone’s lives. Write about the values your business stands for. Great visual content is not enough.

3. Artistic Nudity Is Okay

Instagram is a controversial platform when it comes to censorship. It will censor things that don’t really deserve censoring. However, artistic nudity is okay. As long as it’s non-pornographic and non-sexual, Instagram will allow it. And the audience will love it. Take Nude Yoga Girl as an example. She created a strong personal brand and turned her love for photography into a business thanks to Instagram.

Before you engage in such a campaign, you have to analyze your target audience. Are they the kind of people who would like to see such content? If you’re targeting an audience with artistic preferences, you should certainly consider this trend.

4. Stay Creative

Instagram is changing by the day. It’s constantly giving you new opportunities to explore in the most creative ways. Use face filters, boomerangs, drawing tools, and all other options to create an organic ad that will be fun and engaging for your audience.

Creativity is the ultimate factor for a successful Instagram campaign. Instagram gives you tons of space to showcase your company’s culture and convey its mission through awesome content. Use all that potential!

We can predict the major trends of Instagram marketing for 2018, but we still leave some space for being surprised. After all, the platform keeps challenging marketing experts to get out of their comfort zone. Are we ready for that?

About the Author:

Justin is a content marketer from Leicester, UK. When he has a minute, he loves to share his thoughts and opinions about business, sales, and self-improvement with other people on different blogs and forums. You could follow Justin on Facebook and Twitter.

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