Hourlies discovery is now simpler than ever!

Hello PPHers!

We are delighted to announce that this week we have introduced new filters in our Hourlies search page in order to enhance Hourlies’ discovery!

When you search for an Hourlie you can now refine your results further based on the following new filters on the left hand side of the Hourlies search page:

  • Delivery time
  • Freelancer country
  • New arrivals –¬†Hourlies created in the past 30 days
  • Price
Hourlies filters

We have also revised the sorting methods for the results of the Hourlies search. The available sorting methods are now:

  • Relevance – relevant to the search term used
  • Featured – featured by our freelancers
  • Trending – Hourlies that have attracted a lot of sales lately
  • Top sales – top selling
  • Hourlie rating – top rated
  • Price (high to low)
  • Price (low to high)
Sorting Hourlies

We are always looking to improve the services we offer and adding these filters in Hourlies search was part of the feedback we had received from you in our Forums.

As always we would greatly appreciate your comments and thoughts on these changes and how they affect your experience on our platform.

Kind regards,


Head of Product

Dimitris Koufakis
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Anything for old seasoned freelancers? There should be a tab for freelancers who are on this site for way too longer than others. The old loyal freelancers deserve to have a tab as well. I mean if those with 30 days has a tab for them, why not there is a tab if someone wants to access freelancers has spent at least 2 years on PPH. This will help clients in getting reliable freelancers

Omolola Farinto
Omolola Farinto

I am looking for contract sewing jobs

Omolola Farinto
Omolola Farinto

Wonderful site

Marvin Huffaker
Marvin Huffaker

as it is quite a elaborate and categorized and more user friendly online marketplace so it is better to find a freelancer and to hire them.

Ruth Victorine Museal
Ruth Victorine Museal

I have been on your site for more than 3 years and I have severally applied for jobs and nothing coming forth. I am a retired secretary what I was looking for is typing and filling forms online if you can get me someone who is looking for a person who can do typing for them I am available and we can negotiate the payment. Thanking you in advance for your kind consideration.

Ruth Musela

Bita Jafarpour
Bita Jafarpour


I hope that you find me a good job!

Thanks and regards,


I can see many people simply ticking “UK” in the country filter. They aren’t going to type “Australia” (where I am from) in the search box — It should be a drop down! A horrible implementation that discriminates against people from other countries. I also note you still have the horrible system of rounding up to the nearest 10 pounds. That means: 1) I can’t raise the price of my article writing hourly above $15 USD, because a single dollar higher means 10 pounds more for my UK customers. 2) When I sell an hourly to a UK customer I… Read more »

Bhuwan Roka
Bhuwan Roka

Amazing features with simple way of filtering. Great job PPH team.



Amazing job PPH team and Cool features .


ian walton
ian walton

When is a filter not a filter.

I have posted a job and need someone in the UK. I explained in the post that I require face to face meetings.
Having to waste time now with nuisances from all over the world.
Might have to abandon PPH



As an experienced seller this is yet another feature that has damaged sales, Also I can’t for the life of me understand why you still insist on trending as the default filter! and now this extra search criteria which doesn’t cater for everyone! For a start why have you only got up to ‘within 4 days’ on delivery time? that right away puts me out of reach on any search!!! And the only place that I found worked well was under the ‘Popular Tags’ that has now been pushed off the page. Why can’t these new search features be drop… Read more »

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