How to get 20 new clients to your startup business (without sending scary cold emails!)

You’ve sent 200 emails this week, still, there are no promising leads.  You’ve spent 40-something hours scouring the internet qualifying clients and snooping their email address. You finally hit the ‘send’ button and what happens? No enquiries. Not even a single rejection. And it is now 3 months since you’ve launched your startup business. It is like the gods have descended from Olympus and they are here to punish you. And you can’t help wondering…

Do you need to be patient for the next few months, waiting for that one client to jump into your leads funnel? Think you need to send 500 emails next week to increase your chances?

Probably not. You’ll drown in a sea of desperation, and motivation for your startup business will wither.

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Actually, there is a better way to get more clients to your leads funnel and keep your pipeline full. It will speed up your sales growth, from getting sales leads to closing the deal. It is the secret that few elite businesses like BufferApp and QuickSprout use to grow their sales revenue each month. Now is the time for you to duplicate the same techniques to grow your startup.

The popular myth about cold emails

Even well-known self-improvement teachers will tell you that success is a number’s game. The more you do it, the more you increase your chances of success. This belief is perpetuated in cold email marketing. You have to send 400 and something emails to get that one client. I couldn’t agree more on this. Cold emails work, but they only work if you have something meaningful that you want to show your clients.

When you are starting up, you don’t have the credibility and social proof to close the deal. That is what motivates every client when they get an email from you. Clients are happier and willing to work with a person they perceive to be famous and known in the industry.

I will show you how to do just that – to get your name out there and be a priority list in every client’s contacts.

Four Marketing techniques that work for startups 

1. Hang out where your clients hang out 

Want to get high paying clients? Get in front of them and speak to them.  What magazines, blogs, articles or trade publication do your clients read? In the internet marketing niche, it is blogs like Hubspot, Content Marketing Institute, MarketingProf etc., the list is long. If you get your name in these publications, they will notice you. But how do you do it?

Write guest post. Share something valuable with these audiences. Show them how you can save their time, improve their life and solve their problems. All you need to do is reach out to the editor and pitch them your idea.  And, if the editor accepts you, they will reward you with a bio and link to your site. That’s free advertising. It only costs you time and a little creativity, but what you get from it is far more important to your business.

How to start
  • Read the publication to understand the audience
    • What are their fears, frustration and goals? What bugs them at the night?
  • Brainstorm gut-punching headlines that communicate the benefit to them
  • Pitch your idea to the editor.
Real-life example

Leo Widrich founder of BufferApp used guest blogging to get 100,000 customers in 9 months. Hands down, your marketing goal should be to write guest posts to accelerate your success. Two well-placed guest posts can give you tons of leads if they come from authoritative sites.  Guest posts increase your brand awareness, build a solid relationship with influencers and give you traffic to your site. Guest posting is the easiest strategy if you want to land new clients for your business.

2. Master this secret weapon to conversation

Words alone may not be the right ingredient to impress your customers. Sometimes, you need to go with them and push the envelope. An excellent way to do this is through explainer videos. Video marketing is gaining traction. With so many blogs and articles published each day, our attention span is deteriorating each day. We don’t want to read the 3000 words sale letter; we want to watch stuff, thanks to YouTube with its 1 billion users.

An explainer video doesn’t need to be too long. You can create a 60 seconds to 120 seconds videos showcasing how your company solves the same problem. You only need 150 to 300 words for this.

After creating the video the next thing you will need is to market or distribute it. A study done by Hubspot showed that 93% of marketers are using video for online marketing. So, don’t send out another bare-bone email; include the video to close the deal. Walk the client through the process on how your company solves the problem

With a $500 budget or less you can have a freelancer create an explainer video for your startup. You don’t need an agency to do this and a simple video will make clients to take you serious.

Real-life example

Explainer videos showing how your startup solves problem can increase leads and close deals. Crazy Egg explainer videos created by Neil Patel, brought more business to him. Marketers and companies were able to see the benefit heat maps in actions. And this increased the purchasing of power of the software.

3. Think like a celebrity to wow your clients

It is very hard for a startup business to get traction when they are starting up.  What do celebrities have in common? Impression and that is what your startup needs.  First impressions count for a lot. How do you think like a celebrity? Actually, you don’t need to be one.

You can create a better design for your site; get a professional to design your sites and everything-from business cards to letterheads. Sometimes the main reasons why your clients aren’t taking you seriously is because of your outdated site.  You need a dynamic website that features excellent themes among other features and you need to have a professional photo of your team on the website.

4. Lure clients with success stories

No one wants to work with a new person or business. Social proof is important when it comes to offering your new services to clients. Telling clients how long you have been in business won’t matter if you don’t have social proof. Social proof will calm their objection and rejections.

How do you create social proof? Writing client’s case studies. Every client wants to avoid having a bad experience and they will do anything to look for negative feedback. For instance, businesses that search for marketing agencies, want a complete report of the work flow. In short, your client needs a real-world example of how your product solved another client’s business issue. Use case studies to show the value of your product and services. Instead of sending out scary cold emails, you can send one or two case studies to close the deal.

Case studies added to your emails persuades clients to respond to your inquiries and do business with you. When clients see that, they salivate for your product or service.

Real-life example

Neil Patel used case studies to grow his sales by 185%. Timothy Sykes used case studies to grow his traffic by 20% which is equal to an extra $1.2 million profit per year.

Are you ready to declare war on leads?

Imagine opening your email each day, but this time you have new business enquiries – clients asking about your services and products.  Instead of spending months in cold email syndrome, you are looking forward to new leads like these every single day.  And the amazing thing is that they motivate you to be of service to your clients. You even get creative to improve your services and products, because the same clients are giving you suggestions.

All because you implemented every suggestion in this article to build social proof and credibility for your business. And more important, your clients trust you and your business.

Not only are you happy with your new clients but you’ve started now to expand your customers base using the same techniques in this article.

Sound impossible? It’s not.

Follow these suggestion, do the work and within a few weeks you will have more clients interacting with your services and products.

About the Author:

Arthur Ndubi is a B2B Copywriter and Internet Marketing Strategist who helps business streamline their sales process, from getting leads to managing repeat clients.

Get in touch with Arthur.

Kelly Jane
Kelly Jane
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